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New low: 177.6

Today I weight in at 177.6, that’s a -2lbs loss from last week, but I had been fluctuating between 178-182 constantly for a month, and it was really starting to bug me. I know it was because of the poor balance of bad eating and absolutely NO exercise, but when I saw that 177 on the scale today, and knew that I got there simply by how I was eating, I was relieved. I’m glad to have broken the 178 barrier, I’ve never seen “177” on the scale before. It comes at a good time, because I’m able to be more active now that my tat is healing. So I’m ready to start losing big again!

But I have to say, sorry I haven’t been around much :( and when I am around, all I do is bitch! School has really been dragging me under, and I simply cannot wait for April to be done and over with it. I need a summer vacation. News on the job front: a friend of my mom’s told me to apply at a bakery nearby, it is literally right down the road. She said they’ll be hiring seasonal work soon, and I would have two references, so maybe. It would be an awesome job because of just how close it is, I could walk there every day :D (now I’m getting dreamy about it).

My tattoo has cleared of scabbing and is onto peeling, thank goodness. The antibiotics seem to be working to combat the cellulitis, and I think all in all the art will come out okay. I’m feeling MUCH better, and I think I will be going back to the gym in a couple weeks. This coming week will be filled with studying. Joy.

I haven’t given many updates on my novel lately, but if you’re still reading out there, I have just completed chapter seven and it is posted on my dA. From chapter eight on, I feel like the plot is really deviating from what I had originally wanted, and I have very mixed feelings about it. Of course I want to like my own story, so I’m a little hesitant about plugging ahead with it just yet. I’m such a terrible plotter :(

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I’m going to explode.

I could not be any more aggravated right now. I thought it would be stressful going back to school after the break, but it’s just the first week and I’m ready to start punching babies. I just now got an e-mail from my Italian professor with tomorrow’s homework assignment. Now look at the clock (9PM) now look at the word “tomorrow”. He has had TWO DAYS to send out this homework assignment and he chooses to send it at 9PM the night before? WTF. Does he think he’s the only teacher in the world? I have class tomorrow from 9:30 in the morning to 5PM. No breaks. Nothing. Straight classes. His class starts at 3PM and I absolutely cannot do other homework in my other classes, it’s just not acceptable, these classes rely on discussions or note taking, I can’t be doing a billion pages of Italian. UGH.

This isn’t the first time he’s done this either. In fact, on Tuesday MORNING he sent out the e-mail for the homework assignment that was due THAT DAY at 3PM. Right. At least with that one he gave us a “just do what you can” disclaimer, and apologized. But this is absolutellllllyyyyyyyyy unaccpetable. Why can’t he just assign homework in class like every other teacher on the planet? The internet is ruining teaching. If you’re going to use e-mail to communicate something so serious with your students LEARN HOW TO FUCKING USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so angry I can’t even concentrate on doing the work that I know have to cram into the next three hours tonight, you know, in between making and eating dinner, showering (which is a real chore right now, read on and you’ll understand why), straightening my hair, doing laundry, and all the other fucking shit I have to do. And this isn’t just a simple homework assignment either. Nope, oh no. It’s about 20 or so exercises with like 9-15 questions each in ITALIAN. Which I can’t speak. Super cool. Rage rage rage rage rage.

In addition to all of this, my tattoo got infected. Went to the ER last night and got prescribed four different medications. Diagnosis was cellulitis. Hoping it clears up and doesn’t damage the tattoo, because I do not want to suffer through a touch up. So yeah. I’m super pissed all around, and this has ruined my fricken night.

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This week in Jelbelle history…

Is going to be one of trial and endurance. This tattoo has a loooong way to go before it’s good and healed and I am back, fully on the exercise front. Which means I have to leave my weight loss up to my dieting. God knows that likes to not work. I’m back up to the 181ish zone, and I take full responsibility for being so off with my diet, and believe me, I will be beating my mind and body back into submission BEFORE April, that’s as much as I can promise right now, because my mind has really been elsewhere.

Have you ever felt like your life was going too slow, but too fast at the same time? That’s kind of where I’m at right now. A lot of big things are happening in June, and I’m trying to get prepared for them. And by getting prepared, I mean I have been spending A LOT of money. One of my dreams has always been to go to an anime convention, and this June my good friends Meg and Kaylee have invited me along with them. This is a pretty good con because not only is it early summer and the weather should be wonderful, but it’s also hosted at Ohio’s Kalahari Resort, which is a huge water park! How could I pass this up? I always new that buying a costume would be expensive, but the character I am dressing up as is so pretty and versatile and he has tons of options, so many that it keeps making me want to buy MORE T_T

But I really have been trying to be as smart with my money as possible. The seller I’m buying from has very good feedback, and evidently the quality of their work is very, very, very good. So that’s a plus right there. I don’t mind spending an extra few dollars if I have the security of knowing it won’t be badly made or tacky. Not only that, but the costume is going to be custom made to fit my measurements. And that’s a pretty big deal. If you want to see the costume, you can look here. It’s really gorgeous! And the best thing is, not only does this particular seller offer the dress, but they offer a bundle, and they provide all the accessories for the character that I could possibly want!: hat, gloves, eyepatch. So now I don’t have to go and find them separately (and can avoid separate shipping costs). And yes, it would have all been a lot cheaper if it wasn’t for the damn $30 shipping charge (grr Chinese). But alltogether, the dress/accessories/shipping will cost me $179. I have enough time before the convention to raise the money, but it does get me down because I sitll haven’t paid off that $300 I owe myself, and I’m so tired of it looming over my head all the time. But, I will do my best with what I have for now.

That leads me to this whole job search. Meg told me that what with spring and summer coming up, a lot of places will be looking for seasonal help. This is doubley good because my semester will be over come April 29th, and I need need need to get serious about finding the job. Besides, if I get a job, then I will be able to pay back all of the money I owe myself more quickly, and it would be such a huge load off my shoulders. So for now, I’m sorry to say, but my job search has really taken a priority above my weight loss. I know I can succeed at the latter, now is the time for me to stop biding my time and do this. I really can’t afford not to. I want a job so badly, and it would do so much good. My friend Kayla has recently applied at a TBell around here. A good friend of hers referenced her, and she’s up to her 2nd interview. I think she will get the job. I’m going to apply Tuesday, and that same friend, as well as another employee have offered to be my references. Sounds like a good start, eh? Maybe I won’t get it this time around, but I really hope they seriously consider me for a position.

Well enough of my gushing, feeling down on myself, blah blah blah. I know I said that the job search is top priority, but that doesn’t mean I am totally going to forget weight loss and all that. The triathlon is also in June, and that leaves just 3 months for training. April will be a bit messy with final exams and all, but May, and the first 26 days of June will be some hardcore training. I won’t necessarilly be all about the pound removal (though I am expecting big chunks to pack their bags and get going) but it will be about toning and building up endurance so that I can complete this race. I know already that my time will be terrible, but I want to finish it, and know that I put my all in. I don’t want to half ass it, and run a little, walk a little. I want to be going strong the entire race. I think from looking at what I’m capable of right now, I can certainly train myself to do this triathlon no problem.

Welp, wish me luck! I’ll need all the luck I can get for this next few months! I’m counting on you guys to keep my spirits high!

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So I must admit, lower back tattoos are miserable. At least mine was. First off I had to fight with my artist about the whole design thing, because honestly, it’s my fricken body and you better BELIEVE I am going to be enormously picky about what goes on. I’m not going to be just “okay” with it. I need to love the design before you even think about plunging into it. So after that was resolved, we began the tattooing process. It didn’t help that my position was totally uncomfortable and my crotch was on fire. They could at least invest in some decent stools. I had to sit with my ass sticking out and my head between my knees, and that was a lot of stress in and of itself. But the tattoo hurt like a bitch. I’ll admit that if this had been my first one, I probably would not have dared to get another, but I guess I’m just super sensitive there, and yeah, the spinal area KILLS.

After it was finished I stood up and got really light headed, so light headed that I had to sit back down. I thought I’d regained myself, so I went to sit the in the front room with the rest of our group to wait on my friend Kay. Apparently sometime after this I literally passed out. I don’t actually know what happened, they said I was out for like five minutes, and when I came to all I know was my mom was freaking, they were talking about me, and Mykul had a king sized Twix shoved in my face. Soooo passing out = free candy. Fun experience for the whole family! Josh said that I most likely passed out because my blood sugar levels dropped. I did eat breakfast, but evidently there wasn’t ENOUGH sugar in it, and that mixed with the uncomfortable position and the immense pain added up.

All in all, I am pretty happy. I’m not going to lie, the jawbone is a bit crooked, but it is not so terribly off that I am really upset about it, and I’m pleased with the art and the spot. I like the tattoo a lot, and sure, I wish that it was more even, but I am loving the new piece! Just remember, if you ever want to get a tramp stamp, you better be prepared for some major pain! My first tattoo was like a pinch next to this!

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Playground Love

It was 66 degrees today, omfg. Best. Day. Ever. We have had some shitty weather lately, but today was absolutely gorgeous. And I? Played outside. Yes, my friends. It was quite amazing. I pretty much didn’t even want to come inside. I was out there for like four hours running, walking, biking, hell I even turned on my music and danced in my backyard and skipped up and down my driveway. Yep, uhmazing.

It was a really wonderful way of making up for last night being so crappy. I have really been wanting to watch this anime lately, and since I’m on break I finally took some time out to watch it, and the series was absolutely incredible. I watched both season one and two straight through, took me two nights to finish, and then, and THEN, in the last four minutes THEY FUCKED EVERYTHING UP! Literally. The entire show, characters and all, went to hell in a motherflippin handbasket. It was that bad. I will never forgive the screenwriters. So now I’m trying to overwrite bad memories with good ones.

What else? Oh, tomorrow is my tattoo getting day! Some of you asked some questions, but now I can’t think of what they were. Lemme look. Okay! @Pepa: I’m getting it done all at once, it’s really not big enough to do in increments anyhoodles, and it’s only one color. @jitter: This is my second tattoo. I have a medium sized one on my left thigh that I got done four-ish years ago. Pictures will be up tomorrow night after bingo (maybe if I feel up to it). And then hopefully this weekend there will be even more playing of the outside!

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