it really blows…

…and it blows like hell! Really? Did I jinx the weather by sticking that cycling ticker up in the side bar? Oh you know I did.
I went cycling anyways, so there effin wind, take that! I went out just at the edge of darkness. Why not make it all the more miserable and add a cold evening chill to that wind. I’m sure I burned bonus calories for catching a damned chill after sweating like hell fighting against the wind to get home. What a burn. I only rode 6 miles and I swear it felt more like 15.
Isn’t it odd that I can cycle as if I never had an injury, but try and put one foot in front of the other and I have a big numb noodle leg? Yup, I’m an oddball. Just need to get the paperwork stamped. 😉

I did a mile of intervals again today and I advanced myself up to intervals of 1/4 mile. I did them at a mellow pace and was very careful. If I so much as imagined I had felt a twinge in my bum leg I would had stopped right away. I was impressed that I did so good and that I’m adapting to the strange numbing sensation that appears in that hamstring as I run. It didn’t seem as severe today, so I’m encouraged by that. I’m frigging surprised that I ran two days in a row with no complications. Oh happy me!

No running tomorrow. I’m going to do a few cross fit wod’s. Not sure which ones yet, but they aren’t going to tickle!

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  1. Ann Says:

    Great job on the biking – I hate running or biking in the wind. Sucks! How do you get a ticker on your side bar? Today is a day of rest for me after the long run yesterday. My left foot is still numb from my back issues/surgery from last year. I was told if it was still numb after a year to expect to always be that way. I have gotten used to it. The only time I really feel weird with it is during yoga class and balance poses using that foot as my standing foot. Weird.

  2. Jazz Says:

    Ticker in sidebar? In site admin go into Design, and then select Widgets. From there you can add a TEXT widget from the list of available widgets.

    ~You’ll see while you are in there that you can arrange your sidebar widgets as you wish by dragging them around. You can add as many text widgets as you like. If you drag a widget and it doesn’t sit where you put it and hides off behind another widget, don’t freak out, simply click ‘save changes’ and it will magically appear where you placed it. A weird wordpress quark, I guess.

    ~You open the text widget and paste the ticker code from whichever site you’ve used to create your ticker. Also when you create your ticker(s) usually there is an option for a size large,or small. Don’t forget to select SMALL because a large does not fit into the sidebar.
    After that, all you have to do to update your ticker(s) is click on it right from your site sidebar. You don’t have to go back into Site Admin. Too easy! Well, too easy if I gave good directions! 🙂

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