Man made, chemically laden, “food-like” products

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I want to discuss the point about trusting strangers to make our food.  I really starting thinking about that and what it means.  In years gone by there wasn’t any going out to eat, people always ate at home and you know who cooked, or prepared, your food.  This meant that you usually knew what was going into the food, including love.  As we were growing up there are smells of certain foods that are embedded in our memories for the situation in which the food was served, who prepared it, etc.  Now it seems the smells being instilled in society’s heads are those from restaurants or the microwave. Boy doesn’t that popcorn smell good?  You know what I’m talking about – the smell of the chemically preserved microwave fragrance that aerates the whole environment where it can expand as the kernels expand.  Personally, I would rather my children know the sound of kernels hitting the bottom of our Whirley Pop and cranking the handle as the popping begins.  Ingredients: popcorn, coconut oil and a little sea salt.  Yes my family still consumes frozen or prepared food but I prefer to put forth the effort, as time allows, to cut, chop, dice, slice, bake, or grill fresh foods.

When we go out to eat, we never really know what’s in the food that we order or how it’s prepared.  It’s kind of weird to think about but I would suspect that if we could physically see “who” is preparing our foods that we might often times reconsider our choices.  I order everything PLAIN!  It doesn’t always come out that way – grill remnants, etc. that I have NO clue what it is.  I wipe off what I can and really just say a little prayer about the rest.  I sometimes will carry my own bag of “tricks” to season my food yet have grown to enjoy natural flavors.

Which then there’s the factor of company made products, even spices, that we have NO clue what the conditions are like in the factories, etc.  WE TRUST THE MANUFACTURERS. ???? I think it’s fascinating watching the food factory tv shows – how it’s made.  Then it hit me about the vats of food being heated or cooled, massive turbines spinning foods around all being mixed with who knows what and then going down a series of conveyor belts to be dropped, squeezed or poured into individual little marketing containers to try to sell the man made, chemically laden, “food-like” products.  Okay, yeah I guess that was a little soap box yet I speak from experience of having been, and still being, drawn into the temptation of pretty packaging, crispiness, saltiness, sweetness, smells, etc.

For all the preservatives, chemicals and dyes that I used to consume, a massive quantity compared to today, I am thankful that I don’t eat like that any more.  Obviously the weight fell off when the food plan was changed to where I eat fresh or frozen vegetable and fruit.  I do however eat fresh or frozen chicken and turkey breast, some fish – fresh or canned.  I can’t be too terribly paranoid about it all!! Lol.  It sure can make you think though.


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