I am worth more than a dollar menu!

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Life is busy as you know.  I tend to not find as much time to post here.  I need to.  A lot has been going on that I need to write about to record for myself, and you too, if you’re interested, to maybe benefit from or find encouraging.  I want to give you hope through my struggles in becoming a survivor of morbid obesity.  I had lost hope over and over again. When I finally found hope I starting finding my true self.  I post daily on my page www.facebook.com/heathershealthyhabitsdoingitforme where I have recipes that I come up with, with pictures, encouragement, educational information and motivation.  Please go visit when you get the chance.

I have questions posed and wanted to respond on a couple views/opinions.

Having a list of foods to “choose” from and weighing everything has been very helpful to me.  It’s a lot easier measuring foods on digital scales and getting to a specific weigh than dirtying all the measuring cups, etc.

Sometimes I choose to use meal replacements, shakes or bars, depending on schedule, situation, need or desire. Having food to chew and feel in my mouth is essential to me verses complete liquid diets. I don’t want to drink all my meals/calories.  Those will work temporarily until incorporating food back into your plan.

Pills? Nutrients are extremely important -that’s “why” we eat in the first place.  Our bodies need fuel for every cell in our body.  Of course vitamins and minerals in pill or capsule form are a great way to Meet daily requirements.  If we choose wisely which nutrients we put in, our bodies will work the best and benefit from them.  If “diet” pills are used to assist in speeding up, slowing down, absorbing, blocking, etc it might be beneficial in ridding excess pounds.  However…. Yes there is a “however”…..you have to “weigh” the side effects that could occur and potentially be detrimental instead of beneficial in the long run for your organs, systems and general well-being.

Eating as natural as possible (and affordable) with fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit and lean protein has gotten me to where I am today.  I have lost more weight than I ever imagined possible and have fortunately changed the way I eat for good.  I might have a bite here and there of something but I will never go to a buffet or eat in massive unhealthy quantities and quality of food.

You get what you pay for.  I am worth more than a dollar menu!

i am doing it for ME.


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