waiting for the WI results…

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so i figured that either the scale at home is off or the one at the gym is off, so last week i did an average of the two…i haven’t gone to the gym since saturday, so i haven’t been able to get the median just yet. i am thinking i will make the conscious effort to go tonight after work, even if i dont have the time to jump in the pool for 30 minutes. this week is going to be tough, week before spring break and naturally all the classes have midterms and are just very demanding right now. :sighs: well chicks i gotta get back into some studying for a quiz tomorrow, will update later tonight hopefully. thanks for checking in all! xoxo


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I’m a bit nervous for WI tomorrow only because I want to hit my mini goal so bad, since I’m already behind a week from the time I was sick. 🙁 But I’m going to take it with my head high since there was nothing i could have done with being sick and exercising…also i don’t know why but i’ve had a hole in my foot the past few days and its been driving me nuts. it’s been extremely hard to hold myself back from gorging on things i dont need. but the last two nights i couldn’t help myself 🙁 i went and ate a medium size bowl of honey bunches of oats with clusters. :sighs: i mean better than a bowl of ice cream, but still, definately not needed. it’s because the hubby’s not here because of work so i can’t sleep well and instead stay up late, and get bored…self-control, self-control…i haven’t had this problem in a long time, so i dont know where its coming from, but i’m not liking it. the next time i get the urge to indulge i’m going to shove water down my throat and force myself to go to sleep.
Can someone tell me how to change and create a blog roll? i noticed most ppl have it setup now and i’m dying to play with mine. 🙂 hope you all are having an awesome weekend surrounded by family and friends! xoxo

sore but happy…3/19-3/21

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so wednesday was nice because i went for a walk with the sister and was able to once again do a mile straight without stopping and sounding like i was about to pass out. 🙂 bit accomplishment for me since i absolutely despise running…here i am from wednesday until now…

Thursday: no exercise, other than the 3 miles i walk daily around campus
Friday: jog 1 mi and walk 1 mi with the dog
Saturday: 5k walk for school marathon with mom and Aunt

Tomorrow is WI and the hubby and I are determined to get a good workout in before gettin on the scale, i’m excited. 🙂

Happy HUMP day!

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yay half way through this rough week…my last class got canceled today which was nice, gave me more time with the hubby and some catch up on the exercise routine to make up for last week’s lag. 🙂 Sorry Tiny2b and other chicks for not keeping up with that challenge! i was completely looking forward to it, but having been sick not sure what the heck happened…
So today we were able to get in the pool and only got 700 yds done, but was happy with that because for some reason the new goggles were leaking and my right eye began getting irritated. 🙁 but i made up for the lost yardage in running tonight with my sister and the dogs(which was a nice surprise). Pleasantly surprised to know that i’m getting closer to that ultimate goal by having dropped just a lb while sick, but that was expected since there was no direct exercise involved. Now WI was at 185…
I still got some hmwk I gotta get done before going to bed tonight so I should be off doing that right now, but completely feel like I’ve neglected in updating this. :sighs: so little time these days.
I am very excited for Saturday, we’re having a 5k walk/run and i got my aunt and my mom involved, so it’ll be a nice speed walk with some minimal mingling. i figure if anything i’ll take it was some nice chick to chick talk. 🙂
hope you all had a great week so far…only half way there!

really need to keep up with this…3/16-3/18

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Monday: running with dogs 1 mi
Tuesday: running with dogs 2 mi
Wednesday: 700 yd swim, 2 mi jog with dogs & 200 crunches (thanks to the hubby)

March 16- March 22

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So new goal, since I’m now nice and healthy, figure I have no excuses, other than midterms, but I’m still squeezing in my exercise time as “me” time. doing this all for the greater good of this summer and my self-esteem. Let’s go gun-ho for the 3 lbs I’m trying to stay consistent with…so 182 here I come!

Just shy for Week 2 WI

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So the 3 lbs didn’t just burn off as well as I had hoped it would, but I can’t say I’m surprised it was a rough 2nd week with being sick and all, so being down 1 lb, i’ll take with a grain of salt. 🙂 here is where I’m at now…on to week 3 (even though we’re already half way in it)

tomorrow is the day

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hi chicks! gosh it’s been a rough week…a paper and test and being sick is no fun through it 🙁 so as you can imagine i haven’t had any workouts this week. particularly because i wanted to be sure to be healed completely, don’t want this cold lingering around any longer than it has to. but i’m glad to report that i feel exceptionally better today. i had boogers still today, but definately significantly less. 🙂 i figure most of you gals are mommy’s, so “boogers” dont gross you out 😉 i told the hubby tonight (before he left for work) that i think tomorrow i’ll be up for some intro back into the workout scene, so very excited to ease my way back into the routine. 🙂 glad to report too that the hubby is lookin good! veerrrry excited, i know he’s been tryin’ real hard, so i’m glad that we’re doing this together. 🙂 well chicks it’s almost midnight here and gotta wake up early to go to court for a ticket…running off to bed now. hope everyone had an TOTALLY TERRIFIC THURSDAY! yay weekend just around the corner!

Bitter sweet

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I am totally excited for having hit the minigoal last week! thanks to all the inspirational blogs and comments from this site, as well as the support system from the hubby. It was definately a loooong week, and I’m afraid this week will be even longer, since I caught something over the weekend. I’m almost positive I know where the culprit came from (SCHOOL!), last thursday a lady came to share a table with me here in the library and she was coughing up a lung. i only stayed about 5 minutes before a cubie opened up and i moved. i downed some vitamin C on my way home that night, but i think the lack of sleep and all the change in foods made my immune system up for grabs. I’ve been battling this cold all weekend, trying not to let it get the best of me, and when i woke up this morning it decided to take full charge. its not too cold here in Long Beach, but I brought my scarf and my thick sweater, ppl kind of look at me funny because i’m so bundled, but i just dont feel very well so i dont care. haha. i’m done for the day with classes, but am so behind on homework that i’m trying to tough it out.
well dont want to go on and on about the personal life….a good friend of mine and i may be taking a pilates course tomorrow, if they’ll let us add in…so that’ll be fun and a change of scenery, hopefully i can do it even if my nose is stuffy tomorrow. i’m also hoping that i feel better by Wednesday so that I can start easing back into either the pool or some other cardio. really want to keep pushing for that goal…3 lbs this week…ready…goooooooo!

March 9-March 15

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new mini goal for this week another 3 lbs…hopefully this is achievable considering i’m starting off sick with a stupid cold. boo to stuffy noses, sore throats and body aches. 🙁 but i’m determined to push the water intake and get some exercise in if its dueable…

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