Tired of being lazy

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Hi chicks!  Gosh it’s been FOREVER since I’ve been by. I truly don’t have any real excuse considering I got my first test scores back and clearly it doesn’t show that I’ve been cramming for all of my classes. So I guess all I really have to attribute my absense to is laziness. The first step to getting it right is admitting where your faults are right? 


So the hubby and I made a deal that I have until June 1st to drop 15 pounds and then hopefully, from then until December 31st I have to drop another 15 lbs. The difficult part? Getting back into my routine. I completely know off hand that I’m not going to have the strength nor the time to really get into my crazy swim workouts, but I sure can start getting STARTED..if that makes any sense. I just got off of work about an hour ago, I have some errands to run with the hubby going to relax with him till he has to go to work (He works graveyard) then going to go to the gym as soon as he leaves, around 10:30p. I’m trying not to think about how physcially tired I am right now, and want to remind myself of the summer that’s coming around the corner and how bad I want to be able to go to the beach with friends without feeling like I can’t even wear a tight shirt because it’ll shun ppl off. So here’s to another attempt and hopefully a new mindset.

Thanks to Delitagain for checkin up on me periodically, you’re probably one of the main reasons why I’ve bounced back. Thanks again your support means so much! 🙂

:raises water bottle:  here’s to another goal and some results. cheers chicks!