Things were going really well this month and then something happened. I have been exercising and sticking to my food targets most of the month. (Eileen’s March challenge has helped tremendously). And I had started seeing results. I lost 2 pounds early on in the month. And that’s it. No further weight loss. I am at 169.5 lbs and my target for this month is 168. There is only one week to go. And though I am keeping my fingers crossed, I am getting a feeling that I am not going to achieve my target. Yet again. And it sucks. It’s not like I keep very high targets. Then why is the weight so difficult to get off. So ok, I have finally started gymming. So maybe, just maybe, I have gained some muscle weight. And so I am not seeing any overall weight loss. Sigh. It sucks, big time. I read on other people’s blogs that lose up to 10 pounds on a regular month. Why not me? What am I doing wrong? I can’t do more than this. I’d promised myself that I won’t kill myself trying to lose weight. Sigh! I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Weight: 169.5 lbs

Exercise: 35 mins cardio + 40 mins weights + stretches + 15 min walk