First Time For Everything

After making it through a stressful week leading to Thanksgiving I was actually looking forward to my weigh in this week. Not only was I excited that I made it through the food-fest but for the first time my husband was able to accompany me to my appointment.

We get there and I all but jump on the scale then I was met with instant disappointment. I lost just over 2 pounds and everything was off. My fat was slightly up and my lean mass down. So I successfully lost muscle and actually gained a little fat. WHAT HAPPENED?

Apparently, not eating enough is just as bad as eating too much on IP. Going through my journal with my coach we noticed my critical lack of veggies and how most days last week I had only 2 packets per day. Not enough protein was what set my numbers back.

For the first time EVER I ate too little to lose weight.

Normally, I would have been a bit destroyed and let that setback really affect me. This time I decided that I know the problem, I have to find a way to fix it and continue on the momentum of this lifestyle change.

To address this issue I purchased more liquids instead of foods. I don’t want to eat a soup or make an omelet everyday but I like the chocolate and vanilla drinks and I can drink them in the morning or at night as a snack. I need to plan my days out more. Although last week was a busy week and a very different schedule it’s going to be like that all through the holidays so I need to be prepared.

All in all, I’m still very pleased with the way that I feel and the way that this program works. I’m heading into week 7 with a renewed vigor and my husband gets to share my excitement with me even more.

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