Like very good.

756 calories so far. Using the rest on salad and salmon. Had a half serving of Udon in miso soup, falafel in pita with middle eastern yogurt and pita and an exact serving of Genisoy chips. oh, and a chicken tender.

Oh, walked 56 minutes briskly (In the cold!), did .5 miles of the 1 mile Walk away the pounds, my Sparkpeople strength training and stretching…now I am having some tea and water with Benefiber in it. This is my first day without shirataki noodles. Gotta slow down on those though they are great as I would like not to get burnt out on them. (Need to pick up more from Rainbow Blossom very soon!)

Sooo yeah. I’d  like more days like this. Nearly being out of the 300’s inspired me to the point of antsyness. Then I had to get up and go! My reward?

Not food. But a warm blanket and two movies: The Color Purple and then Ichi; which I tried to watch on netflix but the dubbing was terrible.

So. I’m happy? =D

End result: 1200 FUCKMOTHERING CALORIES EVEN. Yeah bitch. Yeah.

Protein – 81grams; Fat – 35 grams; Carbs – 118, 100% complex; Fiber – 13grams (Oh hell naw. >:X)