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06 Oct, 2008

Changing Food Plan to Paleo Diet

Posted by: delitaagain In: Planning

I’m changing my diet from following the Flat Belly Diet to the Paleo Diet. Here are the primary reasons.

The Flat Belly Diet is primarily a calorie controlled Mediterranean type diet, careful to include good fats – MUFAs, the moly-unsaturated fats – at every meal because it takes good fats to burn fat. I had been using the MUFA principle for several years already – and knew it worked – long before the Flat Belly Diet came out. I *like* Mediterranean food and knew it as basically *good for us.* My favorite food experience was eating in Israel!

However, I avoid sugar, wheat and dairy. I also seem (long history) to need more protein and get sick on a low carb diet. Insulin resistance is a big issue for me, although I’ve been eating clean enough for years, blood sugar no longer is an issue, except it makes it harder to lose weight. The Flat Belly Diet (obviously) worked pretty well for me, but I had trouble getting enough protein without going over their fat guidelines, and, I was working around a lot of foods I avoid.

The Paleo Diet contains no foods I need to avoid! Yea!! And, it recommends higher levels of protein and fats and lower levels of carbs, exactly what I seem to need. It is NOT a low carb diet, but suggests you get your carbs from green vegetables and fruits instead of grains (wheat, rice, etc.). And since I have a problem with wheat, rice, etc. this works  very well for me.

The Paleo Diet also has evidence of working better for athletes than high carb diets which are usually suggested for performance and endurance. While I don’t consider myself an athlete, I have had serious issues with what to eat on long distance hikes. The kind of diet most long distance hikers eat is VERY high in carbs, the kinds that are worst for me. If I ate like that I’d soon be in shape too rough to hike. Paleo gives me a diet that should support me in my hiking and other fitness efforts. This has been a huge problem in the past.

Once again, I doubt if the Paleo Diet (or any diet) is *the answer* for me, but the change in my food plan to Paleo style eating will let me see which parts of Paleo are important for my body. I will take the “MUFA each meal” concept with me from the Flat Belly Diet. Paleo encourages the good fats, too.

The goal here is to come up with a personal food plan that reflects an optimal diet for me, one I can lose weight on and then use to maintain health and fitness. I’ve already started the change as you can see by my food log.

Delitaagain Food Log

At this point, having not finished the book, I’m just eating more lean protein and green veggies, plus not limiting my calories adn good fats so much. This will be a transistion period for a while. I’ll try to smoothe it out as I get used to it and learn more.

6 Responses to "Changing Food Plan to Paleo Diet"

1 | Eileen2bLean

October 6th, 2008 at 3:48 pm


Good luck … or maybe I should just say “Best Wishes” on your new eating plan — because after all, there will be no luck involved, just your own perseverance and hard work! =D
It looks like you’ve really done your homework (as usual! *smile!*) and so the new plan should work well for you!

2 | Sandi DeFalco

October 6th, 2008 at 7:13 pm


You have to do what’s best for you! If it means changing a program, then so it is. I’ll keep checking back on your progress.
As for me, maintaining my weight loss, but need to get serious about getting back with my program and my dancing that I miss so much!
~~~ Sandi

3 | neverperfect

October 6th, 2008 at 7:18 pm


I always love reading about new diets, and I haven’t heard about this one before! It really is all in what works for your personally. When I was very athletic, I was a vegetarian as well… talk about high carb! At the time, it seemed to work for me. But when you’re spending 2 hours a day in the gym, an hour or two at practice and another hour of conditioning… a pound of pasta fits the bill. Anything short of that kind of training and, well, a pound of pasta is just a pound 😡

Good job on doing so much homework!

4 | delitaagain

October 6th, 2008 at 11:42 pm


Eileen, thanks – funny, I don’t even believe in luck. I do believe in consistency – and lots of grace!! LOL Thanks for your best wishes. I’m really excited and really wanting to keep this going, all the way… Delita

5 | delitaagain

October 6th, 2008 at 11:45 pm


Sandi! So good to see you again! I was thinking about you all day and thinking I was going to have to HUNT… YOU …UP!! (Arnold S. style) How are you doing? You sure don’t want to miss out on that dancing! Thanks for reminding me. Tomorrow is a day at home so I just might have to dance through my housework in your honor. Will that help you get a jump start?? lol Really good to see you are still doing this. We can do it! Good to see you! Delita

6 | delitaagain

October 6th, 2008 at 11:46 pm


Hey, neverperfect – I had heard the name but never looked into it. What got me most was it seems to fit me and athletic performance beats the carb thing, which I don’t need! LOL We’ll see how I do. It is an adjustment, but mostly I just gotta get reading that book! Thanks for coming by! Delita

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