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-40 Tuesday Brrrr……

Good Morning

Weigh in this am was 149.9 no loss but no gain but I was worried about a gain for all the baking soda and water I have been drinking for the heartburn…lol

I dont want to be back in the 150.s but I am so close that I will probably hover for a bit. Yesterday i did one page of scrapbooking Alot of stuff to yank out for one page I just havent been able to get back in the swing of doing it I havent scrapbooked in almost a year…I did a page of my daughters school pic this year Grade 11 WOW

Then My van had a vechile appointment and the shocks were shot so yes more money but cdn tire had a special this week 25 percent off shocks and 25 percent off the labout until wednesday so I did charge it and get it done. Here in town it would have cost me 300.00 and I took it into the city and with taxes and everything it cost me 153.00 It is hard to know who to go to and who not to as in Nova Scotia i had a mechanic I trusted and when you go to a new place you never know who will scam ya..

Took My dd #2 to the appointment I should have done groceries and everything all at once but by the time I got out of the appointment it was 7:10pm and it was a school night and a 45 min drive home so I will have to waster more gas

Today I dont have any appointments booked as of yet but that could change by the time I finish journalling thats one things about having your own hairdresssing business you never know what to budget for you never know if your going to have a good week or a bad week you cant really guantee what sort of income is coming in if that makes sense.. Also I need to make some business hours for here in my old shop I worked Monday -friday 9-5 an then evening and weekends whenever anyone wanted that time slot. Does anyone have any good suggestions for business hours? I just find that it doesnt matter what you say your business hours are when you have a shop out of your home some people feel just because it is out of your home they can just drop by and you will fit them in or you work everynight until midnight or they can call you at 11pm to book that hair appointment . I nver turn anyone away if I have to work until 10pm i do. I find it hard because at home I had a separate business number here I have it the same as the residential number so i cant just let it go to the answering machine.

Well chickies off to clean the kitchen do laundry and figure out what I will make for supper tonight

Have a great day