I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


A nice big, soft target…

that’s right, this week I start kicking my own a$$.

No weights or bands to do day 2 of P90, so I’m heading to the basement for some pilates. I’ll have to pick up weights tomorrow to get this thing on track.

Took our usual 20-minute walk last night & was feeling day 1 then, but today I’m not sore at all.

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By bigprof
On November 30, 2010
At 7:33 am
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And again, again, again.

New plan. Eat okay, Power 90, walk with hubby in evening.

And it’s day 1.

Should I be sore already from a relatively short morning workout?

Ugh. Oh hell, sore at least means I moved enough to upset my muscles. Now if I can just start bothering this fat away.

Happy week chicks.

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By bigprof
On November 29, 2010
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Not exactly the most magical place on earth…

Disney. Might be a good place to bring the kids, but it’s a miserable place to hold an academic conference.

Last week I was trapped on one of Disney’s less-than-magical resorts from Wednesday-Saturday. No transportation off the compound, bus transportation from my hotel to the conference hotel, access to 3 snack bars, one casual cafeteria-styled restaurant and one sit-down restaurant. Miserable & expensive food.

But I’m back. Been prepping my winter online class all day. Fall classes aren’t over, of course, but I’ve got some downtime while my students finish up their end-of-the-semester work, so no grading for me yet. Anyway, it’s the perfect day to sit inside & plan a class.

I’m also making other plans for this fat, depressingly out of shape body of mine. First, to walk every day & build up my stamina. Second, to record all my food on “fatsecret” every night on the I-Pad & record my calories/fat here. Third, to power up this plan to the point where I can achieve at least a 4-pound loss a month. I figure I need to lose 60 pounds at this point & at 4 pounds a month, that’s 15 months. So…welcome to bigprof’s 15-month challenge. Just 3500 calories burned or not eaten a week & I’m there.

Hope it goes well. Hope it leads to bigger efforts.

Hope all is well with you chicks too!

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By bigprof
On November 21, 2010
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A quick visit to delete about 8 spam comments…ugh!

So food yesterday:

Breakfast: 8 peanuts, coffee with half and half

Lunch: chicken salad on whole wheat with cucumber & red onion (yum)

Snack: cookie

Dinner: hot dog on a bun with mustard, onion, relish; spaghetti squash leftovers

Snack: apple dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate (I know…very bad).

Two days down & I’m feeling okay-ish. Knowing that I’ve committed to at least recording food here has done a couple of things…cut out an evening snack Monday night and cut out munchies (pretzels) for both lunches. I’m trying to think in small portions, re-adjust my thinking about food back to where it would have been 30 years ago before the portion-explosion epidemic hit the US. I’m not eating at Applebees every day for every meal…those big portions are bad enough in restaurants, but they’ve wandered into my home as well & that has to stop.

Today’s another endless Wednesday…although it ends a bit earlier than usual, so when my paper conferences end around 7:30, I’m heading home to make a curry chicken soup for dinner. Okay, so another benefit of recording food here is that I just planned out what I’ll eat today & that’s something I needed to start doing again.

Breakfast: coffee with half and half.

Lunch: chicken salad on hot dog bun (we’re out of whole wheat!)

Dinner: curry chicken soup.

That’s more than enough calories and nutrition for the day, I think. Although I might pack an apple in case I get hungry mid-afternoon…keep myself from wandering to the vending machines.

Have a great day chicks!

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By bigprof
On November 10, 2010
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Okay, no promises…

at least no grand plans beyond getting back to 3FC to blog about what I’m eating and how I’m moving, and to read about what everyone else is doing.

It’s a start and a record of what I’m doing, and this will at least expose me to 3FC people who are doing something about getting healthy, so it’s inspiration exposure as well.

Clearly that’s all I’ve got at the moment.


Breakfast: coffee with half & half, 10 peanuts

Lunch: chicken salad on whole wheat with lettuce, onion, cucumber

Snack: writing at the bar today, so 1.5 pints porter, 1/2 spinach dip appetizer with 10 chips

Dinner: not hungry at the moment, but spaghetti squash, salad, and marinated flank steak are on the menu.

If I can keep from evening snacking tonight I’ll have made some serious progress.

& Many Thanks to losingit2010 for the encouragement!

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On November 8, 2010
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