I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Post-fast, pre-inlaws…

No, the fast didn’t kill me. In fact, I learned that 600 calories is a lot or can be if you divy them up the right way. I also realized that I probably obsess about food & worry about not getting enough to the point where I probably have too much food…not a huge surprise, of course, but I’m starting to get some perspective here, I think.

So the day after the fast, I decided to hit the local brew pub while hubby was at the university library…see, it’s okay for me to write at the brew pub up here cause it’s called The Library, so it’s almost like I’m researching. I had a pint, a cup of onion soup, & a side (not an order or an appetizer, but a “small side” as the waitress called it) of sweet potato fries. Not a great lunch, but I enjoyed it & post fast, realized it was more than enough food for a lunch. Then I moved to the coffee shop to continue work & had a medium coffee. Around 5:30, hubby rang my cell. Our friends were heading out with their kids to have pizza on the boat & did we want to go. Sure ’nuff!

On the boat I had four pieces of a medium pizza…don’t freak out…the pizza was one of those round ones they cut into squares, so the biggest square was about 2″ x 2″, but the other three were closer to 1″ x 1″. Again, after the fast, I figured I’d see if just that much pizza would satisfy me & it did…for a while. I really wanted another piece, but since I couldn’t justify eating it cause of hunger or “needing it,” I was able to pass on it. I also had a beer & a margarita on board. Those I’m claiming I “needed,” was very thirsty on the boat. Lovely evening, if a bit cold on the water. Came home & had 8 pretzels with 4 small pieces of cheese. Not a healthy day by any stretch (and no salad or breakfast to speak of), but a day I think my diet may have survived anyway.

Anyway, my inlaws are coming to town tomorrow for a week…today was an insane day of cleaning, doing laundry, shopping, and organizing our lives (pantry, bathroom, closets) but it paid off doing it early. See, normally I’d assume I had until about 5:30 on the day of their arrival to clean…takes a minimum of 8 hours to get here from just about anywhere you’d want to live. But then I realized that if I cleaned today, I could just write or read while waiting for them & not be stressed. Good thing. They called around 6 tonight to let us know they were in Marquette (about 2 hours away), exploring, & spending the night there. They’ll be here in the morning! But we’re ready! All I have to do in the morning is change the sheets on our bed, do a couple of loads of laundry, & write until they arrive.

We’ll be walking a lot while they’re here, so my exercise should be good & food should be okay. But I’m wondering if a fast will be possible. I’d rather not explain that I’m fasting & a lot of our dinner choices will be up to them (although hubby & I have two dinners, most lunches, and breakfasts planned). Argh! I’d love to get another fast in this week!

Okay, periodic posting while they’re in town.

Happy Week Chicks!

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By bigprof
On July 19, 2009
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superfitnonsmoker115 Says:

Sounds like you do pretty well under lots of temptation! Resisting pizza? On a BOAT even? I’d have found that an easy excuse to pig out. lol. Have fun with your inlaws and pick a day to fast, remember you don’t actually have to explain to anyone. If you feel the need to, just tell them your body works best and stays it’s healthiest when you work in one day of fasting once a month “or so”. That way you don’t have to detail explain but it doesn’t leave them wondering or worried…!

brseay Says:

Glad to hear that the fast wasn’t horriffic. How interesting that it changed your approach to eating so quickly.

oogiboogs Says:

You done good! That crisp sea air had to have blown away all the calories off that pizza anyway!


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