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Where did the time go?

I haven’t visited 3fc in over a year. Almost 1.5 years.

I checked all my blogroll, 2 people left out of so many friends I used to know.

What’s happened with me? So much, but basically I now have a son, and he’s the light of my life. At 9 months old, he amazes me every single day. I love him so much and so does my husband. He’s a great father and I love to see the two of them interact.

Which leads me to why I’m here, I worked so hard to get pregnant, and after years of trying with PCOS, and finally losing a bunch of weight. I FINALLY got pregnant. And had my baby, and ballooned all the way to 230 lbs. Then I went back to 212 after DS was born, but now I’m back into the 220s. I pigged out too much after DS was born (and I got the hang of being a momma on maternity leave).

So now I struggle again with over-eating (but food tastes SO GOOD), and also with breastfeeing. Pumping to be exact. DS was never able to latch, even when we had his tongue tie cut, so I always just pumped. Anytime I try to diet the milk supply would plummet. But now, 9 months postpartum, the supply is continuing to dwindle. Probably partly because I HATE pumping now. But I want DS to get the benefits, I probably am getting like 10 oz of milk/day, but that’s fine with me, I’m going through my stash in the freezer and giving DS the older milk while I replenish with new. But I’ve just faced the facts that as much as I want to give DS the best, I need to get back in charge of my life and diet and exercise. It’s hard being a mom, working a full time job, and being a wife. I do my best but I’ve got to do better with taking care of me.

And so here it goes, hi everybody, my name is Bee, and I’m here to get down to my original goal of 135 lbs. Today I’m 228, my current goal? Get into the two-teens.

How will I do it? Add more veggies to my diet, take out carbs, stop over-eating at night, and somewhere in there find time to do some exercise, mostly walking, as I’m so overweight right now my feet hurt! 🙁

DH also wants another child, there is no way I’m getting pregnant at this weight, it’ll be even harder for me this time around!

If you are out there, hi.