crazy busy day!

Well got up to go to aquafit this morning as planned..called to register for class and make sure who the instructor was….and the substitute had called in sick and the only other one they could get was “K” the crazy Sunday night’s instructor to fill in……um NO THANKS! Of course bf is like well go to the gym and do something ( I hate working out alone)…I said no let’s go on out shopping…fun as always..we went to so many stores it was crazy….best purchase of course was the new ( duh of course it’s new..i’d never buy a used suit :P) Speedo swimsuit he bought meĀ ( $49.95..half price……yay) at a locally owned swim shop ( up until now i’ve been wearing cheap arse suits from walmart and not really for exercising.

I also picked up my mother’s Christmas present…a digital camera with a printing dock..they’re so old fashioned (my mom and her bf) and still use a really old camera…time to get with the times mama šŸ˜›

Not sure what we’re going to do seems kinda bummed out….arghhh……..

Have a great night chicklets!

Oh forgot to mention something…Last night while out shopping I tried on two pairs of knee length boots that zip up…really hot.and i could get them zipped!!! YAY..It could have been the make/store but I was so excited..i’m thinking about going back and getting well…I realized something else great last night..when i was at a store trying on clothes (can’t you tell how much I’ve come to love shopping???)..I suddenly noticed that the stretch marks on my stomach are fading a lot and barely noticable..whoo hooo..I HATE having a belly that looks like I was once pregnant when I’ve never been and I’ve always wondered..hmm..”If I’m ever skinny enough to wear a bikini would those stretch marks hold me back from doing so?” I know they would stretch marks be GONE!

Other good news…went to a used clothing store today..I’m on the hunt for some cheap jeans..and bought a pair of size 29’s!! HOLY CRAPOLA! I also tried on a pair of size 28 Guess Skinny Jeans and they fit..actually a teeny bit loose in the waist. I wanted to get them butĀ I didn’t because I wasn’t sureĀ if they’re more for younger girls..(i’m I was shocked to get them on and how I actually looked great wearing them (yup a little conceited i know……lol…..but after all the years of low self confidence/esteem I think I damn well deserveĀ to beĀ :P)

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  1. patty on November 9th, 2008

    Strut your stuff, cookie! You’ve earned the right!

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