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Takin a break tonight :)

Gonna take a break from the gym tonight..I’ve done aqua aerobics for the last 3 days…….TOM today..oh joy oh bliss…all I want to do is eat junk..I have a few extra points left so I’m going to eat a boiled egg and a spoonful of pb..then they’re gone and I know I have none left to eat junk! And from now on its just me and my…I may drop up to a friends house later just to get out of the house..I love the freedom I have now that I have a car! whoo hoo!

Aquafit tomorrow night..not sure if i’ll go…(kind of personal but i hate so I just may go to a class…..I have a new found friend, Steph whom I met through another friend…we seem to get along great..probably because all of our friends are single and if we are out clubbing we are the “taken ones” lol. Steph came along to Aquafit the last two classes ( she signed up at the gym a while ago but had never tried the aqua class) and she said tomorrow she will probably do Group Power…by the same fab instructor we had last night! I may go because I honestly would love to have a buddy and someone to motivate me..keep me going! LOL..

One awesome thing I’ve discovered since losing weight and getting more active is how much more energy I have with the children…I’m the teacher who is playing tag…the children running around and chasing me..or vice versa………..I’m running around like a crazy nut..but the main thing is how much fun they’re having! Today I got them to do all kinds of stretches and exercises…they loved it so much! The most rewarding thing about working with children is when I look at them and they have huge smiles upon their faces..thats when I know I’m doing something right with them.

Anyways I’m off to eat my boiled egg…I’ll slice it and sprinkle pepper on it….I know boring but it’s to avoid binging on crap…

Have a lovely evening!

Good Morning y’all!

Up a lb this morning..hmmm…oh well I know I’m workin my butt off at those classes and that is more important than a lb…..I made a mistake with the schedule for the’s CardioKick tonight before Aquafit…I’d love to do both but my calves are even more sore today…so perhaps not a good idea?? I am still definitely going to go to water fitness….

Breakfast was scrambled egg whites/peppers and salsa with ww toast (plain) and hazelnut vanilla coffee…(bf bought me a wonderful coffee machine that can be set…so 7am this morning all i could smell was coffee…yummmm!)

Have a great day sisterchicks!

9:35pm…Home from Aquafit..boy am I glad I didn’t do a class before tonights aqua class….I got winded at one point..probably working it to hard…Tonight’s instructor is 61 years old and a true inspiration to all of us…She said she was up at 5am this morning..taught a 6 AM Group Power class ( strength training with weights) then taught a Chi yoga class at 10 am…THEN a regular yoga class at 515pm and FINALLY my aquafit class tonight. She is truly an amazing woman and I am so wanting to go to a yoga class now!!!! Out of the 3 classes I’ve went to she is the most upbeat and fun of all….She had us dancing in the pool and cracking up laughing….I swear I’ll never miss another Monday night’s class!!!! My calves are still feeling sore..she said probably from not putting my heels down on the bottom of the pool when I is probably a combination of that and getting a good workout! She also did a lot of strength training with the foam weights in the water…AMAZING…I recommend water aerobics to anyone is who looking for a fun, low impact and refreshing workout!

Loving the autumn colors and activities with the children so thought I’d edit the colors of todays blog :-)…Like the leaves of trees I too am changing every day.

Thanking myself so much for rejoining the gym!!! No aquafit tomorrow night so I may take a break or look into doing something different..hmmmm….

Have great night!

Just realized that my 1lb gain today could possibly be the TOM that is going to come in a day or so….didn’t occur to me until i read it on Joy’s blog..same thing for her today.. :-(…Evil and nasty TOM!

Weekends almost over :(

Gosh I love my weekends so much….I love the freedom of being able to do things when I want, what I want and basically go where I want.  My bf always says that I am too independant but over the years I’ve gotten into it and it’s just my lifestyle! Yesterday was such a busy day that last night I lay on my bed…and didn’t know anything until I woke up this morning 7AM with the lights still on and my clothes still on…I KNOW I’M TIRED WHEN I CAN SLEEP WITH THE LIGHTS ON…….got up did my pee and slept until 930 am……..THEN lay down again and slept til 1130……unbelievable! That’s like 12 hours of sleep…wahooooooooooo!!! Maybe it’s unhealthy but I only get about 6-7 hours of sleep throughout the weeknights so I guess I’m making up for it.

After aquafit yesterday i didn’t “feel” like I had a thorough workout but I am guessing I accomplished something..both my calves are soo tender today..I’m going to go tonight as well. Some of the other classes they offer are Cardio Kick, Step, Yoga, Chi Yoga, Spin, Bodysculpt, Group Power ( which i have no idea what it is..however a friend and her husband both go and love it), Ab blaster and lots more! The ab blaster is before Aquafit on Wed nights and Saturday mornings so I think I might join that..I seriously need to do some stomach work and perhaps tighten the extra hideous skin I have left there….So happy because all these classes are included in the biweekly fee that I the regular gym and the walking track! whoo hoo!!

Have a wonderful Sunday ladies!


Home from Aquafit again..ohh what a good workout.. I could feel my sore calves so much but kept going….I may not be able to walk… i didn’t realize how much I missed going…a friend who goes to the same gym came to tonight’s class so I had a buddy! YAY!!! I heard that tomorrow’s instructor is an extremely built 60 something year old woman who is an amazing inspiration to all..I cannot wait to meet her and have her push me to my limit!!! Wondering should I push myself to do the Ab Blaster class before Aquafit or would that be pushing myself too much?  What do you guys think? I don’t know how intense it is or how intense the Aquafit class will be and I don’t want to over do….I am supposed to start TOM on Tues so I may not feel comfortable going to Aquafit for a few days :(..I’ll have to see………..

Hope you all have a great Monday….be proud of yourselves sisterchicks!!!


Up bright and early :-)

One good thing of getting up early 5 days a week means that 7AM Saturday morning I am wide eyed…..hmm this could be a bad thing if Iwanted to sleep in….Went to walmart/grocery store and dollar store and back by 9. Activia yogurt with fibre and mandarin orange for breakfast..yummmm!

Two friends of mine go to the same gym that I am going to sign up at and they both told me that as of October 1st the fees are going up…Called the gym this morning and they could not tell me how much the fees were going to be..perhaps a few dollars..They also said that if I wanted to sign a 3 month contract I would not have the fee increase on October 1st……So thinking this is a good thing because A) might save a few dollars a month and B) I am in a contract so I HAVE to go!!! Hmm I think I think too much..I definitely do..

Aquafit is at 12-1 today…I am going to go out and sign up and go to the class right away. I have to do this…I loved it before and it’s honestly so much fun…the only thing I hate is that the young girls working there ( lifeguards) are so tiny/skinny and pretty..arghh…but I know that when I went before there were some MUCH larger girls and I am sure they don’t care how you look………Ok so here I go again analyzing everything little detail again…I just need to stop thinking/worrying and JUST DO IT!

Have a wonderful day…wish me luck and hope that I don’t drown 😛


10pm–Home after a very busy and enjoyable day! YESS I finally joined up at the gym and attended my first class of aqua aerobics…The class is 3 nights a week and on Saturdays at lunchtime….Every class is taught by a different instructor and luckily the one who taught it today used to teach it years ago when I used to go and she just happened to be my favourite! YAY!! I also signed up for 3 months so now I gotta go.

After the gym I picked up a friend and we went to the mall..yay i love shopping….bought a beautiful orange sweater for the fall……..a bright dressy red scarf to wear with my new black and white coat…and TWO dresses for $37! I needed to buy one for the wedding in October but couldn’t decide between a more plain green/black dress..little flowers (more appropriate for a wedding) or a sexy pink, black and white dress with funky flowers on it..the dress has a wide black band on the bottom so it looks like i’m wearing a hot mini skirt and shirt but it’s attached….great for the night on the town! hehehehe!!! Anyways ended up getting both..yay…Had extreme pita for lunch….grilled chicken w/ tons of veggies……..treated myself to a soft pretzel before we left….oh no :(…….I cannot say no to temptation…this is horrible!!!!!!!


So happy it’s the weekend :P

For some reason this whole week seems like an entire blur….just a bunch of work days all mushed together and somehow it’s Friday..yay!

Weigh in this morning—STILL 146.5….Is this the weight I am supposed to be??? Should I just be satisfied that I have done this well and take it for what it is?? My original goal was 150 and I always said i’d be beyond satisfied if I ever did reach it…..then I decided upon an Ultimate goal of 140…….absolutely NO lower than that…I had a glimpse of 145.5 last Saturday but it doesn’t seem to want to go any lower. Perhaps I need to up my exercise..or for that matter do any sort of exercise–I’ve completely slacked off on walking and totally gave up on the c25k….I cannot stick to anything..perhaps I should definitely join the gym because I know if I am paying for it I have to use it!

Craving Mcd’s so badly lately—I know w/ Weight Watchers you are given 35 “extra” points for the week so I said shag it today and went ahead and got it……double cheeseburger and fries………I take full accountability for it..I am not beating myself up over it and I know I will be back on track tomorrow. I read Photochick’s blog earlier titled Eating for Life..It totally makes sense..a diet is something you start and finish…If you eat for life you can chose something unhealthy and move on with your healthy lifestyle..there are going to be hundreds of temptations throughout life and it’s all about moderation.

Have a great weekend chickies!



used clothes..oh how i love thee!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE used clothing stores/thrift shops……..I always have..I even once had a summer job in highschool at a thrift shop…Buying cheap used clothes has got me through majorly with going down in sizes…and lately all the stuff I did buy I have given away to friends. Tonight thought I’d take a little trip to Salvation Army to buy some fall clothes..especially for work–I HATE wearing new clothes to work because 8/10 chances it will get stained with paint/playdough/bleach/ or food from messy children eating lol..daycare = MESS! Anyways bought a pair of 7 beige pants from Reitman’s AND a pair of light brown corduroy pants from the Gap…SIZE 6!!!!!!!!!! The lowest EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! I am truly shocked and thought I’d try them on for the hell of it..just to SEE and amazed that they fit!!!!!!!!! Also came out with a nice fall sweater AND a bookshelf!!! All of my purchases came to approx. $24.00! whoot whoot!!!

Weigh-in day tomorrow…I am not going to stress over it..I know I’ve done good eating wise all week long..exercise has been the very minimal..just too excited to be driving my car to walk…I WILL join the gym this Saturday morning…Aquafit is at 11 am and I know that will be a great start to my day ( It’s also Sun, Mon & Wed night!!)

I woke up with a bad back this morning and I haven’t had that in a while…I used to have it a lot in the past probably from all the weight I was carrying around but this morning it was back..and it’s still all achy but oh well I’ll live!

Hope you don’t mind all the colors–Despite my back I am in a good mood and thought I would make things a little rainbowy for y’all….ok so I’m bored too!

Have a wonderful night and weekend chicklets!

whoo hoo passed up yummy cake!

Today it was the director’s bday (at work) and we ALWAYS chip in and get a cake and a present….I picked up the cake/ present last night ( which somehow always ends up being my job ). So I was in the bakery thinking….hmmm “should I purposely buy something I don’t like??” and thought how friggin selfish that is so decided to buy a chocolate brownie fudge cake ( can you say temptation?).

She was insisting that everyone try it today so I just picked a teeny piece of brownie from the top and that was IT..not even a tiny sliver..whoo hooo……..I’m sure it tasted as delicious as it looked but I honestly felt that I didn’t want any of it..which is a great sign!

Haven’t really exercised much lately..keep putting off the gym which is not a good thing either!!!

Bf went back yesterday and i miss him terribly….feels so lonely here..even though my sister lives here as well..she’s 4 years younger…works a lot and honestly doesn’t have a whole lot in common with myself…soo  I feel like its just me and my very loved

Have a great night chickies!

7:41 —Yesterday I read a thread in the forums titled “Romaine Lettuce the new chip”..Someone had said that they use pieces of romaine lettuce with hummus/salsa or any dip..At first I was a little apprehensive and thought “EWWWWW how boring!” Tonight I was washing/spinning/cutting up my lettuce ( I put it it in a large container to keep it longer) and thought heck i’ll try it………so mixed some fat free sour cream with salsa and was it ever good as well as filling! Good for anyone who doesn’t have many pts left and wants a very low fat/calorie snack!!!

Ready to get back on track

First of all….we did NOT go out for supper last night w/ my mom and bf……..Instead we bought a roasted chicken from the deli at my local grocery store ( I stuck to eating white meat)…..and we were ‘going’ to buy some fries that they cook but thankfully they had stopped making them for the day so we decided on a bag of fries to just bake in the oven….still not the healthiest but FAR better than the disgusting greasy french fries we would have bought…we also picked up a vinegar and oil coleslaw..not the creamy one…….and some whole wheat rolls….which I ate one of…….So overall I didn’t do too bad..not awesome but not horrible..

Got home last night and realized my NEW car was leaking something.(It’s a 2002 so not brand spanking new) .oh noo…after just having an inspection????? We realized it was brake fluid and it would have to get done ASAP………of course I am stressed to the max by this time..almost in tears……who wants to buy a car and have to do repairs?? My old car was a nightmare and nothing but a migraine. I literally put about $3000 worth of repairs into it………..I think it honestly turned me from wanting to own another now this??   So of course I am stressed (which doesn’t take much to get me stressed) and began a chocolate…….potato chips (mom’s bf had bought them :S) and two blocks of chocolate bar! (Yes the one that my loving bf bought for me :(…..) AND a freakin cookie! I’ve come to realize that sugar is the evil of all evils!

My binge week that I did not plan on having is done and over with. Next week is a new week..a fresh start..and I KNOW that I can do this. I”ve done so well for almost an entire year (Oct 1/07—-I began my weight loss journey) I’ve worked too damn hard to get to where I am now to let it all go down the drain.

My cousin is getting married mid October and I will be seeing a lot of family that I haven’t seen in years. I want to show them how far I’ve come and how great I’ve done! ( Yes modest but I think I deserve to be : ) )…And I am NO LONGER the girl in the family who ‘let herself go’…the girl who no one recognized because of all of the weight she had gained.  But more than that I want to feel good about wearing a cute dress and getting all dressed up! Before I’d feel like a huge bloated blob that no one knew. I dreaded any family event!

So my goals for this week are :

A) Not stress over my car…….and IF i do NO BINGING….

B) Plan my eating before the day comes…not throughout the day. Also find ways to occupy myself if I find I am bored……..boredom=snacking………..blogging/reading/walking/TV/chew gum even!

C) Increase my water intake..I have seriously slacked off lately

D) Only have diet coke every 2nd day as a treat..not EVERY day…I know that its nothing but poison and it makes you crave other sweet things..

E) Increasing physical activity!!!!!!!!  Look into joining the gym!!!!

Well girls wish me luck..I need it! I am off for a speed walk to get things going!

 7:04 pm……..went for an awesome 40 minute walk earlier…when i returned bf said i smelled like the fresh air….which is great because nothing is more beautiful than clean fresh air and/or water! Stayed on track so far today…I still have a few pts left for the day…I just opened the Tostitos for my bf with salsa/ff sour cream…I want him to get rid of them for me….I ate 5..and said that is it! Water intake has increased …for the past few days that I haven’t been doing so well i’ve began to notice my face feeling differently..which i am assuming is the sodium intake w/ lack of water! This has GOT to change….

I was thinking I’d like to be at my goal  (140lbs) by the wedding on October 18th/08. Exactly 27 days from now. Ironic because at appox the same time last year I went to another family wedding and I know there is going to be a major difference in myself.  Yesterday I was that is 6 lbs to lose…but considering how hard I have found it lately to lose any amount of weight as well as stay on track this is going to be a challenge for myself. I also wonder what happens when I reach the ultimate goal ?.How do I maintain?? Do I add more pts or give up the points (something that I am terrified of doing) and just try to live a new healthy lifestyle w/out all the counting??

A few coworkers/friends have told me lately that I worry too much about what others think of do I stop worrying? For example……..w/out a car I have been getting the bus to work in the AM and usually walking home (30-35 minutes) in the evening. One morning all I had was small change for the bus…dimes/nickels..and I refused to get on the bus with a handful of small change…perhaps thinking I looked poor or something??  I ended up walking at 7am in the misty rain and by the time i was at work the rain was falling a lot harder….Always worrying about how I “look” to others, what others think of me……….this is terrible and its something else that has to change! How do I do this?? How do I say “who gives a damn?” Obviously it relates to my self esteem and how I ‘ve went so long with very little of it…Perhaps I should talk to someone..I’m not sure. Any suggestions?

Sorry for blabbing on and on everyone..but if you do read my blogs I am extremely thankful that you do…Blogging is the ONLY way I feel I can let it out how I’m feeling/doing with this whole journey…I cannot talk to my mother/bf about this..they just don’t seem to understand and my few closest friends are overweight and I do not want to make them feel uncomfortable. The support on here is basically my only true means of support…We are all strangers but we do all share a common bond: Making our bodies as healthy as we possibly can!

My scale is a JERK!

Hehehe yep it is…I’ve often sworn on my scale…or just wanted to throw it out……..or smash don’t worry I can control my frustrations because I have become dependant on it now and it’s such a horrible thing…………weighed myself this morning..and it was dodging between 145.5 and 146………what a friggin jerk??? After I was 147.5 yesterday (technically my ‘weigh in’ day) I am assuming it has to be water retention…hell I did have chinese food Wednesday night…my own fault and i should’ve known better…oh dear!

On a brighter note I bought a car last night!!! Kia Rio….something cheap on gas….get me from Point A to Point B ( I don’t do a whole lot of driving) Something to get me to/from work..a friends house/shopping..thats about it………Anyways up until I had bought the car I was thinking I wanted to rejoin my old gym but it was too far from my house so thought perhaps about joining the newer more expense gym that is closer (that has less options/classes than my old one) The old gym has a pool for aqua aerobics..which is 5 times a a walking track..the usual gym and a ton of classes ( Spin, yoga, cardiokick, etc…)

I am really thinking of rejoining because A) I have wheels now to get me…………B) They offer so much more than the gym close to my house and C) I’ve been to the gym before and LOVED LOVED LOVED the aquafit..which is one of the main things I’d do there and the gym near my house has NO pool! 🙁 D) CHEAPER! 🙂

Anyways it’s 7:25 am and it kills me to be up this early on a Saturday but i am off to the garage to get my car inspected!! (Thankfully my sis works with the automotive department and can get me in first thing!)

My mom and her bf of ten years are coming to town today ( my hometown is 3 hours away..and probably 4 for them because of how slow they drive, lol) and we may go out for supper tonight…oh dearrrr….Last time they were in they ordered KFC while I had veggies and a Luine Cuisine………..WILL POWER I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day chickies!

11:15 AM:   While I was waiting around for the car ( which thankfully only needed brake shoes to pass inspection…..I told the mechanic to make sure the shoes were high heel…I know my humour is soo dry/lame!) I went to a clothing store nearby ..I am in desperate need of some new fall clothes..I have NOTHING!!! …..and bought a pair of size 7 casual black pants ( that can be dressed up) and they make me look sooooo tiny/feel hot to trot! Again in the change room I had another one of my “surreal moments”………thinking HOW did I get from Size 16-18 to a Size 7?????????????????   Anyways all I have to say is:                       

                                  KISS ME ARSE GOODBYE 9’S!!!!!!!!—HELLOOOOOOOOOOO 7’S!!!!

Not too bad!

Only a pound higher today so I am not fretting too much…147.5….Today I am going to ‘try’ and stay on track…..follow my points and NOT go over..hmm..seems like I am not doing such a good job at this lately..hmmm……….

I took the day off from work today…just needed a physical and mental break…spend some time w/ the bf…He wanted to go out somewhere but i honestly just wanted to veg out…lol……..Just home from a beautiful 30 minute walk….Fall is in the air and before we know it the snow will be here :-(…You guys wouldn’t believe how much snow we get…I live in a basement apt and sometimes the snow is up to my shoulders and i cannot even open the door….we have to stand in the doorway and shovel ourselves out..making a mess of snow in the NOT looking forward to that………Anyways it’s getting much cooler but the sun is shining and the air is so cool and fresh….Felt great to be out walking by myself and having some ‘me’ time………we all need that!

I forgot to mention that the director came back Monday past and up until yesterday I was still doing some of her work until she got back in the groove of things……..She means well but is insanely anal about things such as having everything completely organized/tidied…and I tend to worry about other things……….Other than that its great to have her back because the stress isn’t on me for!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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