Creative Cardio: Hula Hooping and Other Activities to Revive Your Workout

Hula hooping is a fun activity you probably did as a child. You may not have known it at the time, but it provided exceptional cardio. You can still incorporate hula hooping and other fun activities into your daily fitness. Be creative by adding these fun cardio exercises to revive your workout.

Hula Hooping

The hula hoop is an inventive piece of equipment that’s not just for your kids. It started as a way to have fun and interact with others. Today, it’s become one of the most entertaining ways to get fit. You can use the hula hoop to trim your waistline and lose weight all over your body.

Before you grab your child’s hula hoop, you need to make sure it’s heavy enough. As an adult, you need a heavier hoop to get the most out of using it. A heavy hula hoop requires more energy and force to put it into motion. This leads to increasing your heart rate and burning calories.

Walking Your Dog

What used to be a chore for you can now help you revive your workout. Walking a dog is great cardio. You’ll improve your heart rate and lose inches off your legs. Two other health benefits of dog walking are less stress and the loss of abdominal fat. Stress is a leading cause of abdominal fat. Walking is a great stress buster and works out your entire core.

Roller Blading

Roller blading not only provides a nice cardio workout; it strengthens your leg muscles as well. It takes all of your leg muscles to coordinate and perform the movements. The side to side motion also works out your entire body, including your abdominal muscles.

Roller blading provides you with the ultimate cardiovascular exercise. This activity creates the opportunity to increase your heart health and reduce high blood pressure. Your heart needs to be active to pump enough blood throughout your body. Your circulation increases and provides oxygen rich blood that your organs need to function properly.


Go outside and play a game of kickball with your kids. Kickball allows you to run, jump and kick your cardio fitness into gear. Some of the best cardio exercises require these types of moves. You’ll get all the benefits of several exercises in one game of kickball.


Hopscotch is a low-impact way to get cardio into your fitness. It requires hopping to do the game. Your legs get a good workout and so does your heart. One of the hardest parts of your body to exercise, your core, gets worked out. As you balance on one leg, you utilize your core muscles for stability. A majority of cardio workouts incorporate core exercises into the routine. A strong core leads to balance, coordination and strength.

Cardio workouts such as hula hooping can be creative and entertaining as well as beneficial to your physical health. Boredom can deter you from exercising. Create different routines with every workout for maximum results.


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