Changing Health: How Diet Habits & Fitness Interact

If you are ready to make changes to your lifestyle that will boost your overall well being, then you need to think about how your health diet fitness makes an everyday impact.  Learn how you can create optimal interactions that will benefit your whole body. 

Self Assessment

In order to start making changes, you will need to make an overall assessment of your fitness level, as well as your eating habits.  The best ways to do this are to start keeping a food journal right away, and to calculate your body mass index (BMI) and weight. 

A food journal is the best way to track what goes into your mouth every day.  It’s important to be honest with yourself and to write down every little thing.  This is how you will start to become aware of how your diet habits could be affecting your fitness level.  Think of it this way: whatever you eat, even small portions, either becomes nutrition or nonessential fat.


Once you have tracked your eating habits for several weeks, you will have a better idea of where you will need to make changes to your diet (in order to contribute to your new healthy lifestyle). 

If you have found that your diet consists of a lot of fatty foods (or fast food or grease), then this is definitely contributing to a higher BMI, and it will counteract any fitness routine that you incorporate. 

It will be important to change your diet to include lots of fruits and vegetables (several servings each day).  Although you will not need to cut out carbohydrates completely, it will be necessary to learn what carbohydrates are low fat and will assist you in your workout program. 


As well as tracking your food intake, it is vital to track your level of fitness and exercise to see where you can make changes for the better.  If you are currently leading a mostly sedentary life, then even the smallest changes can jump start your life onto a healthy track. 

You can start by wearing a pedometer every day to gauge how much you are actually moving.  Once you have a starting point, make efforts to increase that number until you can get to 10,000 steps per day.

Gradually increase your activity until you are incorporating resistance training, aerobics, and strength fitness into your weekly routine. 

Ideal Interaction

Ideally, you will reach the point of practicing a nutritious diet and fitness routine, that interacts with each other daily, to keep you fit and optimally healthy.

For instance, include protein supplements before you do strength training to increase your muscle tone and lower your fat.  Replace high fat foods with low fat choices: use olive oil instead of vegetable oil, and eat real fruit instead of juice.  Oatmeal would actually be a better choice than a bran muffin. 

Overall, it is about educating yourself to make better choices, and use those choices to get the best results from an exercise program. 


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