Change One Diet: 3 Easy Lunch Ideas

The Change One Diet is a simple, yet practical lifestyle change in the way that you eat. Reader’s Digest together with multiple nutritionists created this “diet” in hopes that everyone can make a subtle daily change in the way that they consume food. By making that one simple change everyday, it does not actually feel like a diet and you will slowly and steadily change your eating lifestyle for the better. 

Change One Diet primarily focuses on portion control and not necessarily counting every single calorie, making this “diet” practical. The Change One Diet not only focuses on changes to your diet, but also on how you can change your over lifestyle for the better as well.  Over a three month period, Change One Diet addresses topics such as: targeting and elevating your stressors, maintaining your physical activity and making sure that you check your overall progress.

Here are 3 easy lunch ideas based on the Change One Diet:

1. Simple Sandwiches

Sandwiches are quick and easy to put together. Most of the time you already have all the ingredients right in your refrigerator or in your pantry, making this an ideal and go-to lunch idea. Here are some simple and easy sandwich ideas based on the Change One Diet:

  • Peanut Butter Apple Sandwich – using a whole-wheat English muffin and skim ricotta cheese makes this sandwich a delicious treat!
  • Confetti Turkey Salad Sandwich – using left over chicken or turkey, and adding red bell peppers and corn to this sandwich, makes for a crunchy and healthy turkey salad sandwich.
  • Reuben Sandwich – by cutting down the size and the ingredients that hike up the calories, this slimmed-down version packs a yummy punch

2. Quick Salads

As long as your salads are packed with vegetables, you have a wide variety of choices of what you can add to your lunch salad while staying on the Change One Diet. Try and incorporate a small, yet lean piece of protein, such as chicken or fish. The combination of protein and high-fiber vegetables will keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. Below are some delicious and healthy salad ideas:

  • Try adding slices of avocado for a fun and healthy twist on your next salad.
  • Sprinkle some chopped nuts, such as almonds on your salad to add that crunch factor.
  • Decorate your salad with raspberries or blueberries, and you will sneak in those extra antioxidants.

3. Super Soups

Soups are perfect for anytime of year. But, more and more people tend to eat them when they feel that first nip in the air. With Change One Diet, your soup options are limitless. But, be sure to steer clear of cream-based soups and opt for high-fiber and vegetable packed soups. In a pinch, opt for a vegetarian or minestrone soup and throw in a bag of frozen mixed vegetables to really increase the amount of fiber intake. Adding a can of beans would do the trick as well.

As you can see, by adding more vegetables and changing just a few ingredients to your everyday recipes, the Change One Diet is user-friendly and offers many lunch ideas for everyone.


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