Can Diet Supplements Affect Life Expectancy?

Life expectancy is defined as the expected number of years left in your life at any particular age. For example, when we are born, our current and average life expectancy is at around 67 years old. Life expectancy has increased substantially over the years, and most attribute this to the success of our public health system. With technology, research and information abounding, we are now presented with herbal remedies and diet supplements that offer ways to increase health and well-being, and potentially increase our personal life expectancy by a few or even many years.

Increasing Your Life Expectancy with Diet Supplements

It may be possible to use diet supplements to increase your life expectancy, but this is only a small portion of the larger picture. You must live an overall healthy life in order to expect to survive for many years. Even in this scenario, there will always be a potential for unknowns to come about and change the order of your life. Despite this, you are free to carefully research all supplements on the market today to see what they may have to offer your body. There is an overwhelming amount of information regarding thousands of different herbs, vitamins, minerals and other substances that can increase health. Use this information wisely and round out your intake of supplements with other healthy activities.

Increasing Your Life Expectancy with Healthy Eating

One of the best ways to increase your life expectancy is by healthy eating. Healthy eating centers around feeding your body certain nutrients that help it to function more easily and efficiently. By doing this, you will alleviate undue stress on your organs, including your heart, intestines, brain and more. Because of the current state of our food supply, it’s not always possible to give your body everything it needs. Often, adding dietary supplements to your daily plan can make up for any deficiencies that your body may be experiencing.

Increasing Your Life Expectancy with Exercise

In addition to healthy eating and diet supplements, life expectancy can be increased with daily exercise. Much talk surrounds us about proper exercises for different types of health problems and certain key elements of physical movement that can help us to lose weight, gain weight or maintain our current body structure. Some of this may be unnecessary. Simple movement daily may be sufficient to increase our health and allow our bodies to wake up and begin to function in more healthy ways. If you are overweight, begin slowly. Commit to walking every day for at least 30 minutes. It’s not necessary to over-exert yourself, for the simple act of moving consistently and on a daily basis will begin to work wonders for how you feel. Over time, this will increase your health, lower your weight and allow you to partake in more strenuous exercise plans, if you so desire.

The Bottom Line

None of us can predict our own personal life expectancy, but we can take measures to live the fullest and healthiest lives possible while we are here. We must treat our bodies well to be rewarded with good feelings, strong minds and joyful moments. It’s your personal decision on how you intend to accomplish this.


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