Bridal Bootcamp Diet Pros and Cons

The Bridal Bootcamp is a diet and fitness program that was developed by Cynthia Conde, Director of Fitness at Gold’s Gym. If you’re planning a wedding, the Bridal Bootcamp can help you burn fat and get in shape in time for your special day. Conde bases her Bridal Bootcamp fitness plan on the training techniques used by the U.S. military in boot camps. The regime can be quite grueling, but it promises not only to help you get in shape for your wedding but to help you start a new, healthy lifestyle. Here are the pros and cons of the Bridal Bootcamp program.

1) Pro: The Are Several Versions of the Diet

Conde’s Bridal Bootcamp offers three different fitness programs to choose from, depending on how much time you have to get in shape before your wedding. You can choose a six-month Bridal Bootcamp, a three-month Bridal Bootcamp, or a four-week Bridal Bootcamp. Conde recommends following the level on fitness schedule for at least six weeks to see results.

2) Pro: You Can Tailor the Bridal Bootcamp to Your Needs

The Bridal Bootcamp allows you to tailor the fitness program to your individual needs. Conde helps dieters customize the Bridal Bootcamp’s nutrition plan to their needs, and gives specific advice for women who want to address problem areas. You can perform the Bridal Bootcamp’s training exercises at the gym or at home, and you can turn to an online community when you feel the need for support from other dieters. 

3) Pro: The Bridal Bootcamp Helps You Burn Fat and Build Muscle

The Bridal Bootcamp fitness regimen is an intense aerobic workout that, in combination with calorie restriction, will help you burn body fat in a short amount of time. The Bridal Bootcamp espouses a high-protein diet to help you build lean muscle mass.

4) Con: You’ll Need Nutritional Supplements

The Bridal Bootcamp nutrition plan doesn’t include many fruits or vegetables, so you’ll need a multivitamin to protect yourself from the risk of nutritional deficiency. The Bridal Bootcamp Diet doesn’t include any sources of essential fatty acids, so you should take a fish oil or flax seed supplement to ensure adequate intake of these important nutrients, which your body can’t synthesize for itself. 

5) Con: The Bridal Bootcamp is Intense

The Bridal Bootcamp program espouses a difficult regimen of military style physical training. Many dieters may find the exercises in the Bridal Bootcamp too challenging. You can get into great shape by following this program, but you’ll need a high degree of discipline and self motivation in order to succeed.

6) Con: The Bridal Bootcamp isn’t Appropriate for Everyone’s Needs

The Bridal Bootcamp program has been designed specifically for brides who want to prepare for the wedding day. It may not be appropriate for men. Many women may find that this program doesn’t suit their needs; in fact, if you’re not a bride to be, you may find it somewhat irrelevant.



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