Bench Exercises: Step-Over Knee Drive

Bench exercises may be of several types and may work on a number of muscle groups. The step over knee drive is a type of exercise that may be performed in a series of other bench exercises, and will benefit mostly the thigh and buttocks muscles.

How to Do the Step Over Knee Drive

The step over knee drive is a technique that will help you while you run or sprint, improving your speed, but may also be performed as a self-standing exercise to work on some of your muscle groups and employing a bench.

The step over knee drive is performed standing up in front of a bench. Step on the bench with both feet and then lift a foot and bend it, so it will form a number 4 with the other leg when you look from one side. Make sure that the foot is high above the ground, over the level of the knee. Drive your foot back to the bench and then jump back to the ground.

Use your opposite hand to help you in the exercise. Reach your hand up when you want to step over your knee. Move the hand down when you want to drive your foot down to the ground. Your hand will perform a circular move.

This exercise may also be performed while you run or sprint, but first make sure you are familiar with the moves and try to perform these while you run slower at first. As you get comfortable with the movement, you can accelerate your tempo.

Muscle Groups Worked

The step over knee drive exercises will work on the following muscle groups:

  • The thighs (both the inner and outer muscles)
  • Buttock muscles
  • Arm muscles

Preventing Injuries

To prevent injuries, you will have to stretch prior to performing the step over knee drive using a bench. Make sure that you perform exercises gradually and start with easier types of exercise at first, working your way up to more challenging ones.

Adding Challenge to the Step Over Knee Drive

The step over knee drive will be a challenging exercise, because you will have to maintain your balance white standing on the bench. To make the workout more demanding, you can lift your foot and keep it in the same position while you count to 5 or 10.

You can also try to jump on the bench 5 to 10 times with your foot lifted over your knee. Pay attention to your balance; if you feel you don’t have balance, you should avoid this exercise, because you may end up falling or hurting yourself.

You can also walk on the bench applying the step over knee drive; however, make sure that there is someone holding the other end of the bench (or both ends), so that it won’t move when you step on it.  Make sure you keep a stopwatch to help you track your progress. Try to reduce your times as you advance in your workout program.


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