6 Keys to Putting Together a Simple Diet

A healthy and simple diet is the key to good health. Working to both manage your weight and provide your body with the nutritional elements it needs, you will feel great and improve your overall well being. Putting together a simple diet can be easy and work to help improve your blood pressure, cholesterol and overall heart health. Here are some key elements to making your new diet a reality.

Key #1: Keep a Varied Diet

Variety is the biggest key to maintaining a healthy diet. It is fine to eat all kind of foods, but moderation should always be considered. You should try to combine meats, pulses, vegetables, fruits and dairy products with every meal. Though combining all of those elements may be difficult, always try to have at least a protein, vegetables or fruits, and whole grains in every meal.

Key #2: Eat Healthy Fats

There are many unhealthy oils and fats out there, and just as many that are good for you. Use olive oil for cooking instead of butter. Dress your salads with olive oil and vinegar instead of store bought packaged dressings. Avoid all trans fats that generally come in processed foods and fast foods, including things like store bought cookies and crackers.

Key #3: Eat Lean Proteins

By cutting down your red meat consumption to about two times a week, and upping your consumption of beans, fish and chicken, you can cut out a lot of saturated fat from your diet. Lean proteins are much better for your body and easier to digest.

Key #4: Include Lots of Whole Grains

As a good source of fiber and carbohydrates, whole grains should be a staple in your healthy diet. Try adding whole wheat bread and pasta, brown rice, quinoa and whole grain cereals to your diet.

Key #5: Cut Down on Sugar and Salt Intake

Both sugar and salt can be bad for your health. Sugar provides you with added calories that have no nutritional value, while excessive salt consumption can promote heart problems. Limit your amount of sweets, and do not exceed 2,400 mg of sodium daily (or about 1 teaspoon).

Key #6: Include Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Possibly one of the most important elements to having good health from your diet is to comsume fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables work to cleanse your body, and provide it with antioxidants and necessary nutrients to keep it functioning properly. You should eat 5 to 9 serving of fruits and vegetables daily.

By sculpting your diet to include more whole foods (instead of prepackaged items), you will undoubtedly improve your health. Though it may seem daunting at first to prepare your food from only whole food items, and include such variety in your diet, it soon will become a way of life that you can be very proud of.





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