6 Day Body Makeover

Michael Thurmond is well known for his 6 Week Body Makeover plan which is sold through infomercials. He has also created the 6 Day Body Makeover which promises you can lose one dress size or up to 10 pounds in just 6 days.

This diet is a very low calorie diet which eliminates all salt, added sugars, and most fat.

You will begin by taking a 48 question test which is supposed to determine what type metabolism and body type you have. You’ll then be given a diet plan based on your body type. You will eat 6 small meals a day which include a lot of lean protein and limited vegetables and grains. You will also drink 12 glasses of water each day. You will exercise, but Thurmond recommends slow to moderate levels of exercise.

Some people love this diet because it will result in weight loss. Much of it will be water weight, not fat, so you should probably not expect to maintain such a quick weight loss if you continue past 6 days. Some experts have said that the plan is not healthy because it is too low in calories and is low in some nutrients.

Not everyone loves it because it is so difficult to stick to. The diet is extreme by most measures. The plan does not even allow celery because of the natural sodium content. It is important to remember that our bodies need some sodium each day and the minimum physiological requirement for sodium is 500 mg daily. We should not exceed 2400 mg daily. The diet is also very low in fat. Breakfast suggestions include 3 egg whites cooked in a dry skillet – you can’t even use PAM cooking spray.

If you only have 5 or 10 pounds to lose, this diet may be for you. It’s probably better than most fad or quick weight loss diets, but not good enough for long term use. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you will probably want to try a more balanced diet that is easier to stick to, such as Weight Watchers.


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