6 Benefits of Dance Cardio

Consider mixing up your workout routine with some dance cardio. This is a mix of dancing moves and traditional aerobic movements. Dance cardio programs have become increasingly popular over the last several years, and there are programs for almost every genre of music. Whether your musical preferences are Latin, hip-hop or modern, there is undoubtedly a program out there for you. Here are 6 benefits of dance cardio.

1. Relief from Boredom

Exercise boredom can become an issue if you are performing the same routine repeatedly and not mixing things up. You may start to dread your exercise, which can lead to fatigue and less than optimum results. However, if you include a little dance cardio with your choice of music, you can have fun, enjoy some tunes, and take part in a cardio activity that doesn’t feel like exercise.  

2. Rhythm and Coordination

Taking part in dance as a form of exercise can help to build your coordination and rhythm. Dance cardio mixes rhythmic dance moves with traditional aerobic moves, which can help you improve coordination and the fluidity of your movements. This can carry over into all areas of your life, allowing you to be more flexible and graceful in your everyday activities.

3. Fat Burning

As long as you get to your target heart rate and remain in that zone for an extended period of time, you are burning fat with dance cardio–just as you would with any other aerobic activity. Dance cardio is very effective at breaking down those extra fat stores in your problem areas.

4. Muscle Toning

Dance cardio can be as effective as any other exercise routine for toning and firming the body. Dancers typically have very attractive, long, lean muscles. Dance cardio can be targeted to work specific muscle groups, or it can be a total-body workout. You can even add ankle and wrist weights to give you more resistance so that your toning is increased.

Almost all dance cardio programs are effective at working the lower body, such as the legs and glutes. However, there are now dance cardio programs that are also extremely good for toning the abs and the obliques.

5. Increased Stamina

When you are doing something that you truly enjoy, you can push back the point where you start to feel fatigued, and build up some stamina. You can forget that you are exercising, and just dance. Good music and fun moves can take your mind off of your workout.

6. Cardiovascular Conditioning

As with any aerobic activity, you can obtain excellent cardiovascular conditioning benefits from dance cardio. Most of the routines are designed with this purpose in mind. The movements in and of themselves will raise your heart rate, but the combination of the moves with exciting, heart-pumping rhythms, is even more effective.

So, if you feel the need to shake up your exercise routine, try adding some dance cardio. You can condition your heart, burn fat, tone muscles, and improve your coordination, all while you are dancing and enjoying yourself!



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