5 Types of Eco-Friendly Swimwear

Sporting eco-friendly swimwear is a great way to look fabulous on the beach while supporting a healthy environment. More and more designers are trying to use earth-friendly products to make swimwear. Eco-friendly swimwear is usually made from recyclable materials that still are appropriate for swimming and fashionable.

As the green movement grows stronger and stronger, people are finding all types of innovative ways to be eco-friendly. Clothing is another way to keep up with green trend. Incorporating eco-friendly clothing into your wardrobe is a great way to transition into living a more earth-friendly life. Eco-friendly swimwear is definitely becoming more popular and many designers are trying to use products like recycled plastic, soybean and organic cotton as a replacement for regular materials used. Here are some different types of eco-friendly swimwear.

1. Aaron Chang

You can find Aaron Chang’s eco-friendly designs at Urban Outfitters. These swimsuits are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. The great thing about these designs is that they include nature prints from real photography shot by Aaron Chang himself. Not only are they made from completely recycled plastic, the swimwear collection captures the real essence of nature in the patterns and designs.

2. Rogan Gregory

Rogan Gregory is a designer for Loomstate and Edun and his line is available at Target. These swimsuits are made from organic cotton. You can find them in various animal print styles. Rogan Gregory tries to bring attention to environmentally friendly fabrics and materials in the fashion industry. The great thing about his line is that is affordable. You can help save the earth without breaking the bank.

3. Kelly B.

This line is made mostly from organic cotton which is processed without the use of pesticides. Kelly B. also uses other blended materials and bamboo in her collection of eco-friendly clothing. Her swimwear is highly fashionable and designed with the purpose of appealing to earth-conscious people who want another option to support a healthy planet.

4. Katherine Hamnet

Yoox.com exclusively offers Katherine Hamnet’s eco-friendly swimwear designs as a part of the website movement towards a more healthy earth. Her designs are inspired by the 1950s era of fashion. Her collection is an amazing way to have some of the most fashionable swimwear made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.

5. Rebecca Virtue

Rebecca Virtue’s eco-friendly swimwear collection is inspired by Mediterranean and Greek styles that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. She uses mostly soybean to create the fabrics for this collection of swimwear. Her swimsuits are very comfortable and come in many different prints. The collection includes sleek and stylish one-piece suits and bikinis that come in natural colors such as earthy green. Because they’re made from soybeans, you will be actively supporting a greener earth. 


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