5 Kinds of Dance Cardio

Simply put, dance cardio is utilizing different types of dance to exercise your body. The term “cardio” means working to achieve a target heart rate, increasing metabolic rate, burning calories, and strengthening muscles. It can be difficult to stick to the same old boring workout routine, so mixing it up with some dancing just makes sense. It’s also a lot of fun and sets a great example for children. There are many types of dance cardio programs to choose from, so you can change your routine as often as you want to.

Zumba Dancing

One dance cardio option that is currently extremely popular is Zumba dancing. There are tons of Zumba class options available in communities around the nation. You can also find Zumba cardio dance DVDs to use in the privacy of your own home. Either way, the combination of fast and slow dance movements will work your body in an aerobic routine that is nothing but beneficial.


Another form of dance cardio, one you have probably heard of, is Jazzercise. This type of dance exercise has been around for quite a while and is similar to Zumba. There are more purposeful strength and toning movements done with Jazzercise. Cardio is still a primary piece of Jazzercise, so the benefits are plentiful.

Hip Hop

Doing hip hop dancing for cardio exercise is a great option. Hip hop dance cardio is energizing and fun and combines hip and current music with the latest dance movements. You can incorporate many different types of movements into these routines, which will build strength and induce cardio and aerobic results at the same time. Hip hop classes are not as readily available as Zumba and Jazzercise classes, but it’s easy to develop your own routine or dance free form in your own living room. You can also find hip hop dance cardio DVDs as well.

Belly Dancing

Although belly dancing is not typically considered an aerobic or cardio dance it will certainly produce the same results. You can also find belly dancing classes and DVDs that put an emphasis on cardio. The beauty of belly dancing is the strength that it produces in the core area of your body. Cardio belly dance is also rich in history and beautiful to watch.


For optimum calorie burning you can try the many forms of salsa dancing, too. Salsa is fun and exciting and reaps as many great benefits as other forms of cardio dance. Salsa is a great type of cardio dance that requires a partner, so you can invite a friend to come to class with you.

No matter what type of cardio dance you decide to try and stick with, the point is to have fun and benefit at the same time. What could be better than engaging the whole family in a session of dance cardio right in your own living room? Of course, no new exercise should be attempted without first checking with your primary care provider.


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