4 Health Side Effects of Anorexia

Anorexia has several noticeable health effects that become even more prevalent and serious as time passes. Anorexics begin to negatively react as a result of the self induced starvation periods. In some cases, the indicators that anorexics often face turn fatal. In order to avoid such occurrences, it is important to reach out to those who suffer from health related symptoms. Here are 4 indicators that someone in your life is suffering from anorexia:

Indicator #1 – Missed Periods in Women

Starving the body has effects on the hormonal balances within women of all ages. For those who have not yet gone through menopause, anorexia has the ability to completely disrupt the normal menstrual cycle in all women.

Generally, it becomes easy to know if anorexia is the cause of the missed period or not. Pregnancy often acts as the main cause. Other reasons for missed periods include stress, obesity and life changes.

Indicator #2 – Refusing to Eat

Although this indicator does sound obvious, in many cases it becomes hard to identify. Many anorexics will claim to have forgotten to pack a lunch or that she simply has no hunger. This denial takes the place of the refusal, making anorexic tendencies difficult to spot.

Usually, refusing to eat does not come in the form of your friend simply telling you that she will not eat no matter what. We must realize that anorexia does not serve as an enjoyable lifestyle, and that most people who suffer from the disorder will cover up her tendencies at all costs.

Indicator #3 – Anxiety

Many anorexics become more easily stressed out. A lack of nutrition causes the brain and the rest of the body to constantly strive for energy. In other cases, anorexics become anxious just thinking about their secret disorder and its potential effects on their personal life.

Anxiety also surfaces when those who suffer from anorexia begin to think of how they need to avoid certain situations. Many of these people will avoid socializing when food becomes involved, which sometimes leads to lying.

Indicator #4 – Fatigue

Completely starving oneself will dramatically affect energy levels. Food calories provide fuel for the cells to work properly. In turn, the muscles, brain and nervous system maintain their normal functions as well.

Fatigue usually becomes one of the easiest ways to realize that anorexia has settled in. A constant state of fatigue while going through the day tends to plague an anorexics work and thought production. A lack of energy also limits the ability or desire to socialize.

The combination of these factors generally causes others to notice that something has become wrong with their loved one, a co worker or friend. If someone looks severely underweight and lacks any sense of motivation or energetic impulse, she may have some form of eating disorder.


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