4 Different Ways to Take an Herbal Appetite Suppressant

There are many different ways you can take an herbal appetite suppressant. And it may be frustrating trying to decide which way would work best for you. Here is a list of 4 different ways you can take an herbal appetite suppressant.

Pills: Capsule vs. Tablets

Don’t let the two different terms confuse you. Capsules and tablets are virtually the same thing. Both are in pill form, so you will swallow them both with a glass of water. Capsules are the most popular way to take a supplement. They may digest into your body sooner than tablets, but it generally depends on the amount of food you already have in your stomach rather than the form of the pill. With all pills, it’s usually wise to have at least a small amount of food in your stomach, since mixing a couple of pills on an empty stomach might cause stomach upset. If you choose an herbal appetite suppressant in pill form, be sure to read the instructions on how to properly take your supplement, such as when to take it throughout the day and how much water you should drink with it.


Powder is a good pick especially if you don’t like swallowing pills. You can mix the powder into your favorite drink to help it go down smoother. Most of the time powders are made with little or no taste, which makes them a good candidate as a supplement. Depending on the herbs used, the powder may have a strong taste, so use a strongly flavored drink to subdue the taste of the powder. Since powders aren’t compressed like a pill, they will digest quicker in your body.

Liquid Beverages

Some herbal appetite suppressants can be found in liquid form as their own beverage. They often have added ingredients like fruit flavors to make them taste better. Tea is another way that you can enjoy your herbal appetite suppressant in liquid form. Tea is a very popular way to take herbs for supplements and they are usually well flavored.


An extract is when all of the nutrients are taken from the herb and compacted into a potent liquid form. For the use of herbal appetite suppressants, extracts are usually combined with other herb extracts to get a more balanced supplement. They don’t have any excess liquid in them which makes them different from beverages.

Some herbs are best used as tea, while others are best compressed into a tablet. If you don’t like to swallow a pill, then try an herbal appetite suppressant powder to mix in with your favorite drink. Know all the information about the herbs you’re using for weight loss, and how they react with other supplements, medications, or certain foods you’re eating. As long as the herb you’re taking truly works for suppressing your appetite, it’s just up to you how you take an herbal appetite suppressant.


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