3 Mental Exercises to Help Stop Sugar Cravings

The reason that so many people have sugar carvings is because sugar is a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates stimulate the brain to release the chemical serotonin, so hence the term “sugar high.” These endorphins calm and relax us. Eating sweets isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but once you start eating sweets beyond moderation, you probably are consuming too much sugar a day. This article will provide several mental methods you can use to help stop those sugar cravings.

Exercise #1: Let Your Feelings Out

Our brains are hardwired to want sugars after a hard day. You are feeling slow, your energy levels are low and your mood is in the dumps. Your body knows that sugar would be a quick and easy way to obtain mood-enhancing serotonin. To break this habit, begin to work through your feelings. Sure, it was a hard day, but why? By failing to examine your feelings and simply skipping to the convenience of sugar to mask your issues, you are letting these sweets provide you with only short-term relief. Instead, think through your day. Think through the challenges and problems you are facing in life. Decide why you are upset or what is stressing you out and write down a few steps, no matter how big or how small, that can help you cope with these overwhelming feelings. In no time, you will feel a little weight released from your shoulders and you will be proud you were strong enough to avoid grabbing that bag of Hershey kisses.

Exercise #2: Be Aware of Your Family

Psychological triggers run deeply when it comes to emotions and their connection to food. Families can be difficult to handle, even in the best of times. Additionally, many social gatherings include large quantities of sugary sweet fare. When you are stressed by being around your family, no matter what the reason, if it is because of your weight, your job, your marriage or simple family history, naturally you will want to cover these feelings with the first cookie you can grab. Instead of eating due to psychological reasons, establish a game plan. You know the volatile situation you may be walking into, so come prepared. Telling yourself that all sweets are off limits may be impossible, so allow yourself a little something that you truly adore, instead of mindless eating your way through your feelings. You maybe cannot change your family, but you can change how many brownies you eat when you are around them.

Exercise #3: Mind Over Matter

For 3 to 5 days, tell yourself that you will not cave into your sugar cravings. Breaking the cycle of sugar cravings may be as simple as cutting simple sugars out of your diet. But be prepared for a difficult 48 to 72 hours. You will have to retrain your brain and your taste buds away from sugar. Some people have found that this helps diminish sugar cravings after only a few days. Even if you are not able to break the cycle completely, your taste buds may learn to be satisfied on a much smaller portion of sugar.




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