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04 Jun, 2012

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I think I made it pretty clear since the beginning of that blog that I somehow developped, in the past months, a passion for running. And yes, at this point, I would call it a passion.

Yes, at this point, I’d call it a passion. Yesterday morning, my boyfriend was leaving for 3 days. I was rainy. I was windy and cold. Nevertheless, I went outside and just ran. To me, dedication is the perfect team partner of passion.

I was a great run, even with the sh*tty conditions out there. My plan of the day was to try a new route. I’m a self proclaimed control freak and with the half marathon approaching, I wanted to make sure I knew every part of route : no time for surprise on the said day! There was a 5k part of the route that was still a mystery for me but I found out that it was a lovely route with only a few hills, totally manageable. A lot of stress flew away knowing that.

A collegue joined me on the route for about 6 kilometers, which was great. But I started by myself and finished by myself, which was also great. I enjoy running with people, but I’m mostly a lonely runner. I love to concentrate on my breathing, with my music going on in my ears. Talking about music, I really need to fix up my Ipod… I had to erase everything on it and I did a random synchronize thingy to go quickly, but I lost all my running playlists, so I put my Ipod playing on all my music in random mode. I swear, 7 Christmas songs got on while I was running.

Just try to get motivated to attack your hill with Blue Christmas of Michael Buble.

Anyhow, I got my 18 kilometers down (new farthest distance for me) in a really decent time. Even with the rain. And the wind. While I was drinking my chocolat milk while streching by my car at the end of the run, I was feeling to great. I was a bit tired, but felt so accomplished. Like my introducing blog post says, the feeling you got after a hard workout beats everything and actually make you forget how hard it is. That’s the beauty of working out.

While I was loading my Garmin datas on my computer, back at my place, ready for a afternoon of movies with the cat, it hit me.

Exactly four weeks remaining before my first ever half-marathon. O.M.G.

Let that countdown begin!!

Happy monday, everyone :-)

02 Jun, 2012

Something weird and something close.

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Seriously, is there a more perfect man than Ryan Gosling? LOL (shout out to one of my favorite Tumblr, Ryan Gosling for Runner Girl. For times when the boyfriend is tired as h*ll of listening to how it was hard going through the 4th hill out of 7).


I was inconsistent with blogging this week. I’m a bit ashamed… Blogging as become a big part of my accountability in this journey, a bit like putting down everything I eat in my little book is. Because, honestly, weight loss can drive you crazy. Blogging has helped me staying mentally sane, by giving me some time to think about the decisions I made, but not by crying on the bad one forever : more in a way of ”okay, I messed up there, but what I can change to the situation to make it better?”.

I am starting the biggest and thoughest past of the writing of my master degree thesis right now and I was absorbed all week in reading tons of articles and preparing my redaction plan that I kinda forgot about blogging.

Sitting on my couch, sipping through my coffee this morning, faking I’m interested when the boyfriend tells me about himself killing some barbarians in Diablo III, I’m realizing that I missed it this week. It’s good to be back ”home”. :-)


Weird title, isn’t it? (I got to be honest : I watch Something borrowed last night, and got a bit inspired. Hihi.) Tow unordinary things happened to me in the last few days.

Something weird

On thursday, I was at work, working on my thesis at my desk.

In a normal day of work, I drink about 1 liter of water. And of course, I pee a lot.

But thursday, things started to get out of control at some point.

I was going to pee ALL.THE.TIME! At about 2 o’clock, I had to leave my computer for the cell culture room for about 30 minutes to feed my cells. In this 30 minutes, I had to put down my gloves and pipet to go the bathroon. TWICE.

I got back in the office, I sat and honeslty, I felt weird. A bit dizzy. It felt a bit like a low blood pressure thingy. At first I thought it was some glucose issues, so I got one of my snack out of my lunch box and munch on it (half of a whole weat english muffin with peanut butter). I got myself panicking a bit, so I decided to take it easy with my bottle of water for the rest of the afternoon. Later, I ate an apple and was able to go for my 8k run after work. But still, during the night, I felt I wasn’t at the top of my game.

I posted about it on a thread I’m active a lot on the forum and someone asked me if I was having enough calories. That day, after checking my calories log, I had to admit that I had a light lunch and before having my snack, I was maybe at 630 calories in term of calories intake, and I finised the day at 1470 calories, which was around my average number for the last months.

I was a subject in a clinical test at the beginning of the winter and I was checked on the diabete level and I learned that I had an over the chart metabolism of sugar, so I think I can scratch out the list the diabetes aspect (might still be a low, weirdly but low, levels of blood glucose that could be responsible for that).

I was drinking a normal amount of water, comparable to my water intake of every other day. It was also my first day of TOM (not enough iron? maybe some kind of effect due to little daily anemia?)

I’m not really worried about that, to be honest. I was okay the day before, and I was totally okay yesterday. Plus now, I’m totally paying attention to any kind of dizzyness I would feel. But did it ever happened to any of you?

Something close

OMG OMG OMG. First half-marathon ever is in 4 weeks + 1 day.

I’m getting more and more excited everyday. I know that doing it won’t be a problem, my training program had been preparing me for months now. I’m just slowly getting the feeling that I’m soon gonna be doing the things I’ve probably the more dedicated to in my life so far.

I feel it’s gonna be like turning a huge page in the book of my life. Closing the chapter of not being okay with the body I had and deciding to make some changes about it.

The next chapter will be : embracing it!!

I’m running an 18k tomorrow, probably with a collegue that want to run a part of it with me. I wasn’t really feeling about getting compagny tomorrow (I like to focus and concentrate on my long run) but she kinda invited herself to my run LOL. I don’t know much how to lie, and I did not think of any excuse quickly enough to dissuade her. Oh well. A good action never hurts anybody.


It is also the first weekend in like… probably… 5 weeks (!) that we don’t have anything social planned out. I woke up this morning on the edge of ”oh my god, we have to hurry, we have to be there for… wait… no… we don’t have to be NOWHERE!” It’s feeling so, so good. I want to do all the choirs today so tomorrow after my run, I’ll be able to just relax. Plus, it’s raining so it’s not like there is ten thousants things to do outside ;-)

We are treating ourselves tonight with all home made hamburgers (on whole wheat english muffin), guacamole and the boyfriend want nachos (he’ll regret his choice when he’ll watch me spend 20 minutes in the chip area to find de most low caloric one LOL). Gonna have a light salad for diner to enjoy his last diner home with him :-)


To respond to your comments of my last blog post on me saying weird stuff in english sometmes, thank you for being so nice! Yes, I speak french and live in Quebec. And I know it’s bad, but I never proof read here LOL Neither in emails. It was always a huge stuff for me in school to do, even when I write in french… I find it so boring to read all over again what I just write! But I am making a lot of efforts, because blogging isn’t only good for my weight loss process… it also helps a lot my english writing! Best of both worlds!


Well, that was a long post. I missed writing!!

Happy saturday everyone!

30 May, 2012


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I would like to start this blog by saying : I’m so sorry sometimes my sentences don’t make much sense. I was reading a few of my older blog posts, looking for an information I may have posted here and I ran into some weird stuff that would make an english teacher scream.

Some of them are of course from my lack of knowledge on some stuff on the english langage (I was born and raised in a french environment, I only learned english at school, while traveling and by watching english speaking tv shows), but I think some of it is honestly because my computer langage is set to french and that an autocorrect option may sometimes play against me.

So : sorry if I make you eyes bleed a bit from times to times! ;-)

On the weight/healthy side, I had some little flaws but also little winning times since yesterday.

On the flaws :

– I was out last after my job yesterday for my Tuesday interval run. I already had a problem at the start when I realized that instead of loading my program of 3 x 5 minutes intervals, I had loaded the 5 x 3 minutes intervals (I did this one last week). I had to figure out my time by myself by looking at my watch (exausting ;-) ). I messed up the first interval because of that, so I ended up running 1 x 3 min + 2 x 5 min. It was not perfect, but it could have been worse. The other flaw of my last night run was that it was a real long shot going for a run, the sky was getting darker and darker and they were announcing a thunderstorm at any moment. I was supposed to run 8 kilometers, but after hearing the thunder around 5 something kilometers, I rushed back to my car (I’m kinda scare of thunder. And ligthenings. I feel like I’m 5 years old all over again when those things start!) I finished at 6.6k, which is again not bad, but not perfect. I headed back home, a bit sad about my incomplete trainin, and being angry at the sky because it really only started to rain 20 minutes after… I would have plenty of time to finish my run! Still, I’m gonna deal with the 6.6 incomplete interval run because even if I don’t really care for the rain (it would have actually been nice, humidity level were off the charts yesterday) I don’t like dealing with storm.

– Other flaws : I had plan to wake up bright and early this morning and go for a bike ride (weather forecast were telling a bright and sunny day today). At 6AM, when I opened my eyes, it was all grey outside. So I went back to bed. I’m gonna try to go for a small ride tonight while the fish we’re having for dinner will lay in its marinade (key word here : TRY).

The good points :

– I shed 2 pounds of water since yesterday! Finally! Back to 136,6 pounds, which is still a bit high to my taste, but it’s not as worst as the dreading 138’s. I’ve been sticking around 1700 calories since monday, I drink a lot of water, I’m regular (that does not happen frequently. THAT is nice). I’m still waiting for TOM, I still don’t know if he has something to do with what’s going on in my belly!

– I thought I had more good points than that… Did I say I lost half of my water weight I gained this weekend!? LOL

It’s already wednesday (THAT is a good point), the week is going on smoothly.

Happy wednesday! :-)

28 May, 2012

Water again, always water.

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Monday again!

Meaning, obviously, I’m stocked again with some water weight retention. BLAAAAAH.

I spend all the last week to try to get rid of some bad water weight, and on friday, everything was mostly gone. And I was super glad to say I did really good this weekend.

I was saturday, going kayaking for 2 hours (good workout. my arms were KILLING me), with my packed lunch, because I knew I was eating out with my cousin saturday night. We opted for a Vietnamese restaurant. It was healthy (a Won Ton soup + Teryaki chicken meal), but it was still restaurent food = loaded in salt.

I did also great during the day on Sunday, healthy breakfast and lunch and burning about 1100 calories while running 17k. However, the boyfriend and I had a dinner/movie date : we went out for a poutine that we were craving for months, and I had a corn dog with that. I litteraly heard my plate screaming ”SALT COMING YOUR WAY RIGHT TO YOUR TUMMY!” But it was soooo.goooood.

But yeah. Today, with my bloated tummy, I feel pregnant. LOL

I guess it had to happen. I prefer going on, eating someone I really wanted for a long time, enjoy it and just wait for the water weight to go away… I honestly think waiting too long for something you’re craving can lead to something even one than the object of the craving itself (like, worst binge ever!?)

Monday… new week, new starts. The boyfriend is leaving Sunday morning for 4 days and we don’t have any social thing planned for the weekend. We’ll be free to eat home and enjoy some healthy food.

Have a great monday, everyone!

24 May, 2012

I’m feeling accountable today.

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It is so sunny and hot and beautiful outside today, I feel like I wanna dance around. I’m rocking my new pink shorts, I woke up bright and happy this morning and I’m planning to run tonight (I ran on tuesday morning, but for a weird reason, everytime I run in the morning I have the feeling I actually ran the day before… So right now I feel like the last time I run was monday. And I miss it. I want to go for a run. Even if I will want to die tonight, running in the heat. Hihi). Great day!

As my title is saying, I want to do some kind of accountability sum up this morning. May is almost over and before June and the summer officially start, I want some face-to-face time with me and this blog to check what I accomplished but also what I should focus and work on. Let’s get this done!

Weight loss

At the beginning of May, my weight was around 136,0 pounds. Today, I stand at 136,2 pounds. Seeing the number like that, people might see it as a failure. The truth is that I lost about 3 pounds during the month, seeing a number in the 133’s not later than last week. My last weekend kinda blow everything out with a salty diet and I am slowly shedding the water weight. Knowing I was at 139.4 pounds tuesday morning, today’s number was quite an improvment! It will eventually go away.

I was talking about this on the 3FC forum and a girl told me she was impressed about how calm I was dealing with this huge amount of water weight. It is true that 2 months ago, I would have FREACKED out. SIX POUNDS OF WATER WEIGHT! OMG! Hihi. But, there is a key word in that sentence : water weight. Not fat weight, not even muscle weight. WATER weight. It will go away. I was able to keep calm and rationalize the fact that if it was a real gain, it would mean that : 1 pounds of fat being about 3500 calories, I would ate about 26 000 calories   in excess to really gain this weight. In 4 days. I mean, I know I undulged, but I don’t recall eating an mammoth either. So, why bother with the stress? :-) I also see that attitude as a victory : I did not only change my eating habits, but also change the way I see my body and health in general. I’m more happy about that than losing weight, to be honest.


I tried SO MUCH new food in May! Some were good, some were not ;-) Here is a few of my discoveries

– Turkey meatballs in a southwest salsa (

– Southwest quinoa salad (

– Peanut butter chocolat banana muffins (

– Turkey burgers with zucchinis. So moist! (


Finally, my new, sweetest, addiction : working out!

In my last post, I think I forgot to mention the fact that I’m OFFICIALLY in for a second half-marathon, who happened to take place much sooner than the one I registered for a few weeks ago… It’s official, I’m gonna run my first half-marathon EVER on June 30th, in my town, in the first half-marathon race it has ever hosted :-) I am thrilled but also SUPER nervous : it’s only 5 weeks away! OMFG. My training is doing well and I think that at this point, it’s more about confidence than anything. I’m not aiming for the greatest time ever, I am a very slow runner (I don’t really run actually, I jog :-P) but just completing it would be the greatest accomplishment ever. I’m looking forward to it.

I am also doing this new routine for more than one week consisting on 50 crunchs and 60 seconds of plan every morning and every night, except for the sundays where I do my long run trainings. I can start seeing some results on the abs, actually : a small line is slowly starting to show in the middle of my abdomen and they are much tighter than before. I keep asking my boyfriend if he sees results. Poor guy.

*me in bra, in front of my mirror, looking at my abs* Do you see a difference? *turn to the boyfriend*

– Yes.

– You’re so looking at my boobs right now. Seriously, do you see a difference?

– Yes.

– You’re still looking at my boobs!!!

(it can go on for a few minutes… Oh well.)

I’m trying to bike more, walk more. But I’m also listening to my body. Yesterday morning, I wanted to get up early to go biking before coming to work… I was sooo tired! I decided to stay in bed and relax. Sometimes the body just needs a break!


Over all, I’m pretty happy of May. I saw friends, I had fun and I feel good about my body.

After all, isn’t it what it is all about? :-)



22 May, 2012

Be happy anyway.

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God, it felt like YEARS since my last blog post. After not blogging for 4 days, I realized that this little thing became really important to me, accountability speaking.

So : I’m back from my weekend at my dad’s place.

I was borned and raised in the eastern part of the Province of Quebec, Canada, where it is moslty sea, lands and nature. Not a lot of people. Tons of little country little towns like mine where everybody know you & your parents & your grandparents at the grocery store or the bank. To me, going at the grocery and being asked 10 times How are you and how is my father is doing, this is what being home is to me.

I was only there for 2 fulls days (I spend most of the 2 others I was away driving the 875 km separating me from my current location to my hometown) and they were BUSYYYYY days. Lot of people to see, memory service for my mom to attend, dinner at my aunt’s, dinner at my brother’s… But it was great and I don’t regret coming back to work a bit tired today :-)

I went to bed early friday night once I got to my dad’s : the road plus all the work week had got me real bad. After a good rest, I woke up at 8AM saturday morning and headed oustide for a run. OMG. It strucked me : I missed, dearly missed home. Every thing was fresh, green, vibrant. The sea was calm, blue, endless. The wind was fresh. The air smelled good. Even if it was a hilly 11k, it felt good so good to run.

Last Christmas was the last time I had seen most of the people in my family and they were BAFFLED by my weight loss. I shed about 20 pounds since last Christmas and they show much more than the ones before. I got tons of compliments all over the weekend, people really wanted to know about what I was eating, how I was training… It felt like all the efforts paid off, and I felt I was finally becoming the one I always wanted to be. Big universal revelations over there. Hihi.

In my opinion, I did okay with the food. I packed a lunch for the ride on Friday. Workout on saturday morning. Ate a bit at the baby shower on saturday afternoon, but nothing over the world. Had the Healthy Breakfast at the restaurant on sunday morning before the church instead of the pancakes I wanted. I had a zero-calories red bull for the ride back yesterday, threw away the pasta salad from the packed turkey wrap I bought on the road and picked some light oven roasted chip to munch on the car ride.

But I drank wine. Too much wine.

And I did not drink enough water.

(Oh and I kinda forgot the baklavas the boyfriend bought yesterday for my return. I ate 3 pieces. They were so good that I don’t even regret it!)

So this morning, I was up to 139.4 pounds.

I was expecting a gain : you can’t go overboard for 3 days without getting nothing in return. And I know it’s mostly water retention (again, gaining 5 solid pounds in 3 days would mean I hate like 5000-6000 calories a day? I doubt it).

I’m not even mad or frustated about this gain. Not even mad to myself. I indulged, but I did good.

I’m mostly amazed by the reactions the human body can have when you change something that it is used to. I mean, 5 pounds of water? Wow. No wonder I felt pregnant with my bloated tummy this morning. Plus I was still able to wear for the first time since I tried and bought my size 7 really short shorts, so I know it’s all in the tummy and did not sneacked in somewhere else ;-)

Don’t mess with the body, he knows what he’s doing.

Oh and also, drink your water. Lesson learned.

I wasn’t willing to let this horrible number on the scale drive me down. At 6AM this morning, while the boyfriend was still sleeping, I got up, dressed up and headed out for my Fartlk run (some kind of interval) run with my Ipod and my rain coat (obviously, after 8 minutes in the run, the rain stopped and I was stocked with my incredibly hot rain coat for the complete run. Scr** you, mother nature!) . I am NOT letting this number bring me down. Plus, my first half marathon is 6 weeks away : I need to stay focus!

Plan for the week :

Eat healthy

My menu is all planned out until friday night, I am doing the grocery shopping tonight after work. No places for surprises during the week!


Run planned for this morning, thursday and long run on sunday. Might be doing some outdoor activity with visiting friends on saturday. Thinking of going for a bike ride early in the morning before work tomorrow and friday morning.

Drink water

Ciao bye, water weight!

Have a great week, everyone! :-)

16 May, 2012

Side effect of weight loss.

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Yes, you red well. The bad side effect of weight loss.


Of course it’s not true. I keep buying a piece pretty much every time I go to the mall to survive, clothing speaking. Like at some point, I need jeans that won’t leave a gap in my back the size of the Grand Canyon when I see. That can be useful. But every now and than, I end up reaching for the closet with the idea of wearing a specific item and I get BAM! Doesn’t fit anymore/you look like nothing in it/it’s too big and we can see way to much of your boobs. Annoying.

Right now, it’s even more annoying with the working out outfit. I own a LOT of clothes, so I can always find something else to wear in the day to day life. But for working out, my choices are getting more and more specific.

I’ve been wearing all winter long and in November 2011, trying to get ready for my first winter running season, I had to pay LOTS OF MONAAAAAEY to get my outfit (I live in Canada, long sleeves were not enough). Luckily I was able to use some of my hiking clothing to run too, but still : a good pair of underwears + a pair of shield pant to put on the underwear + a good pair of socks = 200$ (Oh and I also got some new running shoes during the same visit at the Running Room. Another 100$ there.) I was okay for all winter long… But now, summer is coming our way and I’m in big trouble.

– Bra. I need a good, full of support, running bra. In regular bra, I was 38DD at my highed weight and right now I’m wearing 36D (but I think I could go smaller a bit, all the straps are at the most thighten mark). However, my sport bras are pretty much still 38DD… So, yes, I have to double it, putting a sport bra in large size above. It’s hot. And not the best support ever. There are straps all over the place. I need a new one, but OMG those sport bras are exensive.

– Shorts. Shorts are not that bad, actually. I have 2 pairs of sport short that are a big bit but that I don’t mind wearing (kinda like the basketball kinda look actually!) But, again, in the long run, they get hot and in the way. Right now however, the trend for the runners is fore super-super-super short shorts. And I don’t like my thighs THAT much to show them away like that.

– Tops. I have a t shirt that fits and another t shirt that would fit if it wasn’t white and a bit see-through (like seriously. Who designed that.) However, I’d like a tank top : the crappy rain we’re having will eventually go away and I don’t want to tan with a t shirt all summer long! (Superficial… but so true).

After I buy a gift for my pregnant friend tomorrow night, my plan is to head to the Running Room to check their new stuff. Weirdly, I don’t feel as ashamed to go shopping for workout clothes as I am for going shopping for casual clothing that I probably don’t really need right now. I feel I really need them for a reason, to improve my healthy and everything, compared to a dress or something like that that would just be because I thought it was pretty. Is that weird?


Praise the lord of the scale, it was down to 134.2 this morning. Water weight seems to be gone : yay! It feels good to be back to normal :-)



15 May, 2012

Morning person

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When you read dieting or fitness blogs, it’s not rare to run into articles praising morning workouts. They give you some energy to start your day, they seem to boost pretty much whatever you got to be boost, they wake you up, etc. So when I started dieting and training, I was super excited about becoming one of those person too, who just tie up their shoes in the morning and fiercly run through the desert streets at 6:00AM.

Here’s my word : it never happened.

Don’t get me wrong. I would really REALLY like to be one of those person. Come on, I want to get all boosted too in the morning and get rid of the sleepy head that I am! But I have to face the truth : I guess I’m just not a morning person.

I honestly workout in the morning once every 2 months. One of them was this morning. I told another student I would help him with something, but that experiment would only be ready around 5:00PM, tuesday or wednesday… I wasn’t willing to risk only getting for my workout past 6:00 or even 7:00 PM, so last night I was all cheerfull when I said : ”Hey! Let’s do this in the morning!”

I’m glad to say that I got through the workout. But it was hard. Harder than the usual one. I have to admit that it was intervals, so it was supposed to be hard. Maybe that the fact that it was the morning just maked it harder.

It took a good 3 kilometers before I kicked in and started the intervals… My legs were just feeling so heaving. I am also dehydrated when I wake up in the morning and it maked my mouth all pasty. I felt like I was dying when I got home.

To my surprise, the ”OMG I’m gonna die this morning” quickly went away! I got home, drank some water and set up on my mat in the living room to do my new resolutions thingy (50 crunchs + 1 min plank every morning and every night) and … I felt okay. Even more than okay : I felt good! I was feeling good after a morning workout! That was a first.

It’s leading me to think that I should probably try this again in the future. You know, at first, working out at any hour of the day was painful, but once it becomes a habit, it’s not that horrible anymore. I’m not talking I’m gonna starting running all my runs in the morning (like wednesday next 10k where I would have to wake up at like 5:00 = no freaking way LOL) but I have to admit that running in the morning brings out multiples pro’s. How nice to come home at night after a day at the lab, saying to yourself ”wow, my run is already done for the day, how nice!”

I’ll probably never me a complete morning person… But I can at least try to work on the sleepyhead part! ;-)


P.S. Oh yeah, the link with the picture. It was raining this morning. Maybe another great excuse why this run felt so painful!! Hihi.


14 May, 2012

Bend it like Beckham.

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Hell- *yawn*-o.

Here we go again with an official sum up of the weekend, my usual way to start this new week by aknowloedging the good and the bad of the weekend!

The weekend started out really busy : the boyfriend was (finallyyy) coming home from Vancouver in the night between friday and saturday, so I rushed for a big part of the friday evening to get all I wanted to do complete. I had a really nice meal of little zucchnis cakes I found online with a salad. I wanted to take a picture of them, but I was loading the washing machine and they browned a bit too much… LOL They were still really good and actually reminded me much more of some latkes than ”cake” (recipe here :

The boyfriend got home at 2:30AM, super awake from the jetlag (11:30PM in Vancouver). Being the grumpy person I am when I wake up, it was more a ”GladyourhomeIllseeyouinthemorningLoveyou” welcome, but he knows that deep down I was really glad to see him. ;-)

The bike ride I had planed in the morning while the boyfriend would be sleeping did not happened, waking up at 10AM, because we had to eat, shower and leave early for the Montreal Impact and LA Galaxy soccer gaaaaaame! OMG David Bechkam is the sexiest man alive. He even took off his shirt at the end of the game, when they were making their way out of the field, and I managed to MISS THAT VIEW. (My boyfriend dared to say that he had a big butt. I slapped him.)

(Oh yeah, they tied up the score 1-1 but it was a really good game, even if our team was a bit all over the place (in a bad way) in the second half).

The bad part of the soccer game is that I ate everything in the world there. I don’t know what it was… probably the smell, I think, and seeing everybody eating it… I had a hot dog (because I never had a stadium hot dog, and everybody said that they were the best in the world. It did not rocked my world and I was still hungry after that), a beer, a slice of pizza, a bag of doritos and a diet Coke. When I write everything down here, it looks huge. It WAS huge.

We drove home (1H45 of driving) and after stopping at my lab for 2 minutes with the boyfriend, we headed downtown to get some sushis because we were still starving of the poor food we ate during the day. U know sushis are not the best in the world, but at least they’re not pizza. I ate 13 pieces, half of them being smalls ones, and we finished our meal with a piece of the banana cake I baked the day before. That was A LOT OF FOOD.

Sunday morning was a much better. I had a good breakfast of banana/nutella french toast sandwich to fuel up before my usual Sunday’s long run. The weather was crappy : it rain for the complete time of my 16 kilometers. At least I made it in a time I was thrilled with and I managed to burn about 1090 calories, which make me feel a lot better about saturday… I had a light lunch of chocolat milk to bring back a decent level of blood glucose, low calories chicken noodles to get a bit of electrolytes back (I sweat a lot during the run) and a homemade muffin. We finished the day with home made chili and a piece of cake. Really happy with that day.

I’m still paying for saturday’s food intake though (hello, salty hotdog, doritos and pizza) : I was up to 136.8 pounds this morning. I’m not panicking yet : it happens eveeeery weekend, most of it is water weight from salt retention, I did not #2 yesterday and I guess I’m probably getting some water retention from my sore legs.

so the plan of the day : DRINK WATER, for god sake! ;-)



Friday, friday, gotta get down on friday!

OMG that week was long.

But today… today is a new day! The boyfriend is coming home tonight, it is sunny outside for the first time of the week, I managed to get a appointment to the garage next week before I go back home, we’re going to the MLS LA Galaxy VS Montreal Impact tomorrow (Hello David Beckham!)… it is enough to make my day!

I woke up this morning and jumped on the scale to see 134.4 lbs. I saw the exact same numbers for the past 3 days. Is something wrong with my scale? No daily fluctuations? Anyways. That is a -0.6 lbs from last week and I’m totally happy with that! With this weigh in I also broke the 50 pounds lost since the beginning of my journey by 0.2 pounds. That is a huge number. I’m still a bit shocked when I think about it. I can’t really understand where/how/why I was carrying all this weight on me one year ago. Woah.

So the boyfriend is getting home super late tonight (or super early tomorrow morning, you decide hihi) and I am SUPER excited to see him. The guy is not only my +1, he is my best friend. We spend pretty much all our time together and we rarely fight (I’ll have to admit we had a rough pass in our first year) without being a lovy-dovy annoying couple. People who would see us together on the street probably wouldn’t be able to say for sure if we are friends or a couple. With him, it’s really the best of both world. So : I can’t wait to see him and hear about his trip :-)

Him coming home also mean putting the place in order before he actually gets home LOL I did really good all week long with cleaning the dishes every night and stuff like that, but my (Ooopsie!) I’m planning to bake him a banana cake with a cheese cream topping tonight too as a surprise for him and to have something sweeter to have during the weekend. I think the smell of a banana cake or loaf bread baking is one of my favorite thing in the world.

The planning of the weekend looks a bit like this :

Friday  :

– Cleaning up the place, baking the banana cake and enjoying one last girly movie before A. is back (that was cool, though, to have the control at 100% of the TV…)

Saturday :

– Need to go to the lab in the morning and leaving around 1:00 to drive to Montreal for the soccer game at 4 PM (it is only a 1h30 drive, but they are awaiting 60 000 people, so we need to get there early if we don’t want to miss the beginning). I’ll have to check at what time I’ll be up but I’ll probably won’t have much time for a bike ride in the morning :(

– No clue what we gonna eat, but I’ll probably suggest to eat out on saturday night because I really don’t see myself cooking something after coming back from the game around 9PM

Sunday :

– Long run day (planning on a 16k), grocery shopping for the week and figure out something to cook for dinner.

After looking at my planning, I realized I have sooo no idea what we are going to eat this weekend. And next week. I really need to figure this out. Planning my meals in advance and doing the proper grocery shopping are the basic reasons why my weight loss was succesful… ”Food & Drink” on pinterest, I’m coming for you for inspiration!!