What I eat and why I plateau/maintain/fail to make progress

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Lets examine why Lisa neither gains (somehow) nor loses weight

Using the last couple days of food, and a few other biggies during the week, and the exercise I did last week.


Mon. – Takeout after Contras

Wednesday – big piece of pecan pie after baking

Thrs. – party at work

Fri. – like, 1/3 of a pecan pie

Sat. – normal breakfast
Sat. – 4 mozzarella sticks from papa ginos (gave Steve two)
Sat. – BIG PLATE OF spaghetti+sauce+garlic bread at Stacey’s
Sat. – like, 8 cookies at Stacey’s (sorry I ate all your cookies!)
Sat. – ~1/3 the ice cream and all the peanut butter cups in a pint of ben&jerries
Sat. – other sundries that were healthy, like, clementines?

Sun. – normal breakfast (think)
Sun. – slice of bread with melted cheese, clementines (late snack thingy)
Sun. – 2 pieces of taffy and 1/3 pound of chocolate peanut butter fudge (right before dinner lol)
Sun. – DINNER (healthy, thanks to Steve’s mom) and a brownie

Please note this is for a whole week, not two days, and includes more than usual for the last couple months

Monday – ~1.5hr of contra dance
Tuesday – Taiko (light-moderate activity)
Wednesday – baking (and consuming) pecan pie
Thursday – Zumba (thank god a workout)
Friday – 45-50 min on the tread mill (preventative workout)
Saturday – ~ 3mile walk to and from library (broken up by mozzarella sticks)

If you add it up, it becomes clear why my weight just, kinda, coasts. Fortunately for me it doesn’t go UP. I appear to have behaved on Tuesday, I can’t remember any major debaucheries from that day, lol.

November “Goals”

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Well, as it is so late in the game already and thanks giving has more or less started witih the holiday party at work today (and the baking last night), I am switching to PREVENTATIVE DAMAGE CONTROL MODE. As of yesterday, I weighed ~152. By the end of November, I want to weigh no more than 154. I gave myself two pounds last year, I’m doing it again. Thanksgiving is all about eating with your loved ones and I want to enjoy it. With luck, I’ll kick my ass in gear in Dec.

Progress? Not so much

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I have neither gained nor lost weight. Probably.

This isn’t a plateau, this is an I-can’t-stop-eating-everything thing. In the past month I have eaten out a ton, consumed untold amounts of candy, and exercised a minimum. Fortunately for me, Zumba is an excellent workout and that, along with a generally active lifestyle, appears to be sufficient to maintain my current weight. Which is 153. or 152. or something. It seems to have a lot to do with the volume I have consumed the day before, or how recently I ate miso soup. 1-2 weekends ago, I actually caught a glumpse of the elusive 149 (.2) which leads me to believe that I have actually gained 1-2 pounds in the last couple weeks, but with all the fluctuation I get anyway, it’s hard to say if I actually lost and gained, or was just SUPER dehydrated that day (it was nearly noon and I’d not eaten yet or drunk much).

This morning it was 151.2 . This could be because the physical volume of food I consumed yesterday was reduced. I had a normal breakfast (around lunch time) of cereal with soy milk, a banana, and an avocado (and I think frozen raspberries, on sat or sun). Then for dinner, I ate 1/2 a yam, an applechicken saussage, some cheese, and 6/7ths of a pint of ben and jerries peanutbutter cup ice cream. Then I fell asleep, and when I woke up and after Steve went home I felt ill to my tummy so I drank a couple glasses of water and a cup of peppermint tea. The tea helped (peppermint is apparantly good for the tummy). So while I consumed plenty of ENERGY yesterday, the physical volume was somewhat reduced.

Saturday was one of those disaster days, without really being an actual disaster, because I ate a normal breakfast, ~half a tub of edamame humus, ~2/3 of a food court chinese take out entree, a few candy bars, and lots of food at Greg and Victoria’s engagement party, including ~4 super chocolately chocolate chip cookies and a number of mints and chocolates, just for desert lol.

So I think I need to make a decission. Am I losing weight now? Or am I taking a break? I can’t have it both ways. I can’t keep eating like I have been, and then getting depressed because the scale hasn’t moved, because I know exactly WHY the scale hasn’t moved, and thank my metabolism (which I have apparantly defied the laws of former-obese-physics and FIXED) which has decided my activity level is sufficient to maintain in the 150’s.

Tonight I plan on going contra dancing with Steve. That is always a good workout. Also, now that I’ve eaten so much candy in the past couple weeks I should be leaking it out of my eyes or something and it hasn’t kept replenishing at work (well, this IS a new week) maybe I can get my head on straight again and reaffirm my goal to behave until thanksgiving. I will dance tonight. I will zumba on thursday. I will FORCE myself to go for a walk at least on Saturday and or Sunday. Steve has indicated his willingness in going with me, as he benefits from the exercise too, its just a matter of me a) actually doing it when I say I will and b) actually doing it when I say I will instead of lying around complaining that its cold and I don’t exercise enough.

It’s gonna be a long winter :/ I’m not looking forward to it, I’m always cold and kinda depressed and I hate Ikea now (did I mention that?) because their furniture construction was designed by MORONS seriously. Oh well, I’ll probably get over it once the horrible memories of putting a bookcase 80% together and then haviong is ALL FALL APART before attaching the last piece because its held together by DOWELS fades. At least it holds my stuff good, lolz