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Coach to 5k is working

Last weekend I came across this program on the Web, and I have been wogging as suggested: I walk about 100 m, and then jog another 100. I thought it would take me a lot to get used to it, because the first two times I ended up breathless and with aching lungs. But today I wogged for the fourth time, and to my surprise it was not difficult at all. The feeling afterwards is marvellous! I felt energized and younger and stronger! My lungs responded without aching, and now I am ready for my second week, which implies longer stretches of jogging. Now I am sure I can do this…
Dieting was similar to this: I had always wanted to lose weight and I could not do it, so I got to believe I couldn’t. I always wanted to be a runner, but it was so difficult for me to get past the first 100 m that I thought I couldn’t. Now I know I can do both: I lost 22 pounds (practically 20 % of my weight), I am maitaining (!!!) and I am “training”!!!
So my expectations are higher now: not only do I wish to maintain for three months (till September 1), but also to be able to run my 5k by the time I finish maintaining and start losing again. I would like to lose four/five pounds more, and now I know I CAN DO IT!
After what? 35 years of failing? I CAN DO IT!

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By susana
On June 10, 2012
At 2:06 pm
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alireza Says:

Keep up the great work Susana. My time will come. After make the challenge to my ideal weight, the next step will be first class physical fitness that I have 5K run on my plate 🙂

hungergames Says:

Congrats on your goal weight!! An inspiration.


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