A jumpstart-Day 1 Medifast

Ok so I received all my food last night in the mail and I feel so ready to start that I didn’t wait till monday like originally planned. I must admit that last night I did enjoy my “last meal” which was a burger :-/ But now I feel ready and I’m actually really excited. My husband and I have only had our first shakes for the morning so unfortunitly that’s all I can report on. My huband is vegan which really limited his shake options. He can only drink the ready-to-drink premade shakes. He had a chocolate one for breakfast and described it as “yummy”. For those who are curious he is able to have any of the bar options also. He has his 4 other daily options in his lunch sack and I’ll report back on what he thought about them tomorrow. I made a Swiss Mocha Shake for breakfast and I will admit it was kinda chalky but totally drinkable. It has kept me fairly full. I eat my next meal in 45 min and I’m not hungry yet. I’ve created my tracking profile on their website (which is awesome!) and I am really jumping into this and commiting! I will be checking in tomorrow morning to report on the days events.

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