See! there i go again, not writing forever then coming back! I did have some personal issues and a mini meltdown, but i’m back. I must say that my little meltdown has set me back a lot. I have no more of that can-do attitude and i don’t know how i to get out of this haze i have been in for a while. I am proud to report that not all progress is lost, i don’t know how i did it but i still managed to control portion size and i’m still drinking a lot of water. That’s about the only thing im proud to say. I have been trying to eat right, and get myself on a routine of breakfast, lunch, dinner ( i usually skip meals when i don’t feel hungry) and i have got a start, kind of. i have not weighed myself in a very long time, and i kinda don’t want to right now. Maybe in the morning i will get the guts to just do it. I really think that once it gets warmer outside i will be able to take my anger and frustration, and channel it into motivation to start walking again. I felt so relaxed when i was walking this past fall, but it got cold and i’m a wimp! i really need to start doing something because i wanna look my best for my best friends wedding this summer. Maybe i can use that as motivation. Well that’s all i have for now. Maybe i can get myself into a routine of blogging every night, instead of just facebook and tumbr. Well goodnight world may you all have wonderful dreams!!

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