I seriously don’t even have time to write this out, but I knew that I had to let you guys know that I am alive! Where to begin, since the last time I blogged I took 3 trips to the airport for friends, house sat for a friend for a week, took 2 trips to the bus station, had my Dad come up for a week long visit, did a major cleaning overhaul of my house, went to a few job interviews, got a job, and went through a lot of mental mess with all that is looming in my life…

I needed and still need a breather, things are just piling up and happening too fast for me to make them all work. Mental mess= DH is sure that he wants to leave his job next year at the end of his contract, must start saving as much moolah as possible to prepare for moving, house hunting, etc. Where to move, when to apply to schools (which schools depends on where we move), weight loss has become maitenance, new job= lots of learning… Just a metric ton of crap that I have no usable brain space to put it in!

I haven’t been on plan in about a month now, thankfully I’ve only gained about 2lbs and keep shifting between 160 and 162, so I’m glad for that, but seriously worried about heading in the right direction again. I literally haven’t had an ounce of time to go to the gym ever since last month. Knowing that we will be moving from here next summer also has me in a frenzy to enjoy this place while we can; swimming, biking, touristy stuff, all the great locations near by… I just feel entirely overwhelmed with everything.

On top of all that I feel like in many ways I am having to walk on eggshells around DH about my feelings of insecurity. When I say, “We need to save up X amount of money before you leave your job, because you know we might not be able to find new jobs that pay as much very quickly.” All he hears is “Your worthless and you won’t be able to support us” Yada yada yada, why don’t men think logically like we do and not get offended by good sense? He’s also getting therapy for his issues related to deployment and is not having an easy time at all and while he’d deny it completely, I am having to really give him a lot of space and extra care to keep him sane. ‘Nuff said there because we all know that we could vent all day about man issues.

In any event that is the most of what I have been dealing with lately and I really want to get back on and spend more time with everyone, but I think it will still be few and far between. I have to go for now and start my day before work tonight. I hope everyone is doing ok and I apologize for being gone for so long. I hope to be back soon! -Pepa

PS: I had to delete all comments from August because when I logged in I had 1,142 SPAM Messages and could not bear to scroll them all to find any real ones. I have adjusted my blog settings again and you must be logged in to comment now. Sorry if I missed any real ones!