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That warm day they promised slipped away.  Now they’re calling for another cold one but it’s supposed to get above freezing tomorrow.  Yeah, Yeah, that’s what they said yesterday.

Another long one coming on.  I’ve got to work, stay for a faculty meeting, rush home with the boys and drop them off, clean up and head back to work for the winter awards ceremony for ROTC.  The ceremony starts at 6:00 so it’s going to be pushing it.  We routinely do one big awards ceremony each spring but decided to do a small ceremony this evening in an attempt to recruit some parents to help out.  There are only four members in the Booster Club and two of them don’t do anything.  The awards being given out tonight are for a hand-picked group of kids who show a lot of leadership potential.  Cream of the crop.  Hopefully, we can beg, coerce, or shame a couple of parents into helping out.  The only parent who helps out besides me is the father of a senior so this is his last year.  Steven graduates next year so I’ll help out for one more but I don’t know what they’ll do after that.

My PD went pretty well yesterday after school but I had 11 teachers signed up and only 5 actually stayed for it.  I can’t be too upset.  Getting out of school early on Thursday and having a snow day on Friday messed with some schedules.  The deadline for getting in grades was extended through yesterday and I know some people were scrambling.  There were also a couple of teachers out sick.  It’s a three hour series and I did two yesterday with the last one on Thursday.

Okay, off to the shower.  Susan…I can’t imagine having to chase down my alarm clock.  I’d be cheering it on.  Run baby, Run!

6:00 a.m. update – Read Joy’s blog, and Susan’s blog, and Brandie’s blog.  You guys are right there!  Doing what you need to do and feeling good about it.  Where the Hell is Sistah Pat? 

One day just runs into the next and I just keep hiding.  Letting things control me instead of taking control.  I thought about it while I was in the shower.  Letting the hot water run over me and just thinking about where I am.  I hide when things get bad.  I avoid my friends and family.  I watch TV or play solitaire on the computer.  I withdraw into a mind numbing place of working, cooking, watching TV, writing.  I hide myself in my nuclear family.  The twins, DH and DS.  I don’t want my friends to know when it’s bad.  I prefer for them to see me happy and active.  I let circumstances dictate my behavior.

Like today…I’m going to be run ragged.  I ordered a cake for ROTC and I’m making punch.  Yesterday, it was brownies and chips for the PD.  God only knows what tomorrow will bring.

So, I took a step.  Got on the scales.  193.  Sh*t!  I’m taking baby steps today.  Weighed myself.  I’m packing a Lean Cuisine and an apple.  I WON’T eat the cake or drink the punch.  I WILL stop by Walmart after the awards ceremony and buy a new alarm clock and blow dryer instead or running home and falling on the couch to watch a couple of hours of TV.  My blow dryer shorted out last Thursday and I haven’t even made the effort to go get a new one.  Just globbing some mousse in my hair and scrunching it for almost a week.  Really, woman, get off your butt!

10:00 a.m. update – Oh….and writing down what I eat:

Breakfast – black coffee and biscotti (90 calories)

Lunch: Lean Cuisine (230), orange (50)


round says 12th January @ 15:08

Congrats on taking that step onto the scale – that’s often the hardest thing, coming to terms with the fact that our weight has nudged up again & confronting it as the “new start weight” instead of pretending that it will go away on its own.

Baby steps sounds like a good approach.

purple4mee says 12th January @ 15:39

Taking the first step is the right one 🙂

Teena 🙂

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