Pink Shoes

Just a note…for future reference…You can not look professional in hot pink athletic shoes.  It just doesn’t work.  I put on those cute, comfy shoes yesterday and then starting looking for something to wear with them.  After much ado and with the time slipping away, I wound up with khaki stretch pants with tapered legs and a bright pink shirt little sister gave me that was too small for her but way too big for me.  I felt like a total slob all day.  Thank God Stacy and Clinton weren’t in town.

DS has a meeting with the new caseworker this morning at 10:00.  You asked what happened to the other one, Beerab.  She was never the actual assigned caseworker but was just the initial investigator who was only supposed to be on the case for a couple of weeks.  We got stuck with her for 2 1/2 months. 

I picked up the kids and brought them over here after I got off work so DS could concentrate on scrubbing and polishing at home.  Didn’t see much sense in him driving 15 miles to drop them off at my house for DIL to pick up within the hour and then turning around and driving another 15 miles back home.  Hope this new caseworker is fair.  Hope we can talk to him without being accused of being “unsupportive” and “unable to be flexible”. 

Right now, I’ve gotta get dressed.  I have a reputation to try to salvage.  No more pink shoes at work (unless they’re cute little Barbies).

8:00 a.m. – Yeah, I got it together!  White cotton trousers, baby blue blouse with a sunny yellow jacket over all.  Grabbed a pair of baby blue polka dotted wedges and I’m ALL THAT!  No slouching today!

3:45 – Can’t wait for DS to get here so I can hear what the new caseworker said.  DS called me at work and I spoke to him for a couple of minutes but I had a class and couldn’t really talk.  What I did get was that he liked this guy and felt like he was fair and open-minded.  DS told him about some of the stuff that had been going on and the guy said he should have reported the caseworker.  DS told him he didn’t feel like he could do that because it was too risky with her holding all the cards.  He gave him a number and said, “Well, you can certainly feel free to report her now.”  Don’t know if he’s going to.  It’s still risky but it shows that the new caseworker is not in cahoots with her.  DS said he recorded the whole conversation just to be on the safe side and will play it for me when he gets here.  I’m almost afraid to hope but things may be looking up.


Joy says 19th August @ 6:33

Clinton and Stacy would have a field day with me after they got up from their dead faint! 😆
I am glad that he has a new caseworker. I pray it goes well with him.
How are you doing patty?

Joy says 19th August @ 8:27

Thank you! You and your advice is a Godsend and what I really needed to hear. I WILL take this all to heart. Thank you so much and God bless you!

beerab says 19th August @ 10:11

Oh man Clinton and Stacey would probably be on me DAILY for what I wear- but pft I don’t tell people what to wear for a living. I’m an assistant! I spend most of my time doing the grunt work!

Hope everything works out well with the caseworker!

Susan says 19th August @ 10:24

So glad you have nice kids this year. Go ROCK ‘EM with your sunny outfit!

beerab says 19th August @ 16:26

Glad to hear about this new guy! I WOULD report the other caseworker if I were your DS. Specially when it comes to the visitation schedule!

brseay says 19th August @ 17:43

Tapered pants???? Come on, Patty, you know better 🙂

Sounds like the new caseworker is 1000 times better than the old one. Things do sound like they’re looking up.

Joy says 19th August @ 19:51

sounds like really good news with the new caseworker! Let us hope he see’s right through DIL.
Patty thanks again!

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