Just my (pot)luck…

Potluck luncheon today.  I’m going to do the best I can.  I made a huge pot of Vegetable Barley Soup to take to school.  At 71 calories per cup and packed with healthy stuff, I’m hoping it will keep me on the straight and narrow.  Having these potlucks every two weeks can be tempting but the principal loves them and I’m kind of the organizer of them.  Our new principal is very much about building community.  In my opinion, she’s made some great strides in that direction.  She loves having teachers sit down for a few minutes and have an opportunity to communicate and share.  In all honesty, I’ve gotten much closer to some staff members that I barely knew before.

After finishing up the soup yesterday evening, I took a stroll around the neighborhood.  It was 55 degrees and felt good out there.  Today we’re heading for 65.  Whoo Hooo!  Can I wear sandals?

I hate the way they’re doing American Idol this year.  Last week, they only chose three to move on to the finals and I liked at least six of them.  On the other hand, last night was terrible.  I wasn’t blown away by any of them.  A couple of them were okay but most were sadly lacking.


  1:30 – Just finished a meeting with the principal.  Looks like my job is safe for another year.  That makes me HAPPY because it means I don’t have to make difficult choices.  With the budget cuts, there’s no funding for my position next year.  That means the school has to pay my salary instead of the state.  Of course, funds are tight at the school level and there aren’t too many resource positions like mine that are being completely funded by the local school.  So, I figured I had three choices for next year:
1)  Teach full time classes in either math or technology
2)  Transfer to another school and fill a resource position or
3)  Move up the corporate ladder and take a job at the district level.

Of course, with Andrew and Steven going to school here only because I work here, I wanted to do everything I could to stay here until they graduate and was pretty much resigned to the idea of going back into the classroom full time.  There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s kind of like a demotion and I worked hard to get where I am.  Still, I would never take them out of this school when they’re so close to graduation and love it so much.

Today, the principal calls me in to her office and tells me she’d like for me to continue pretty much doing what I do next year.  She’d like me to teach a class in Digital Citizenship to a class in the middle school and one to a class in the high school and the rest of the day, three periods out of five, I’d be free to resource.  She also asked me some point blank questions about Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck, Lowlife’s job and wanted to know why, if we’re both in the same position, he isn’t doing the things for the school that I do?  I tried not to let my personal feelings color my answers to her but she said she didn’t understand why I was taking on the full load of resourcing and pulled no punches in telling me that she doesn’t feel that Paul is pulling his weight and I may be the only TRT in the school next year.

I feel vindicated.  The woman sees what’s going on and is dealing with it. 


Joy says 26th February @ 8:53

I hope that the potluck goes well . The soup is a great idea to keep you on track.
I so agree with you on Amercian Idol. They kind of stunk last night.
Have a great day

2dogs1lady says 26th February @ 18:27

Somehow “neener neener neener” fits there doesn’t it girl???

Joy says 27th February @ 8:46

Wooohooo! Happy dance! 2dogs1lady said it best! LOL

Jeesh I am so snarky today! 😉
I am so glad that your job is safe for next year. This is a huge blessing Patty.
Are you looking forward to your trip this weekend? I hope that you have fun and can relax.
Take care

susan says 27th February @ 9:50

I hope I don’t sound too harsh when I sing,
“Ding Dong the (P.A.U.L.) is dead! The wicked (P.A.U.L.)! The wicked (P.A.U.L.)! Ding dong the wicked (P.A.U.L.) is dead! Hi-ho, hi-ho!”

Hope he took the opportunity to learn from the Master on how to teach.

inkheartmeg says 28th February @ 11:19

Good news about the job! I like reality tv and competition shows but have been unable to get hooked on two kinds: singing and dancing, and Big Brother.

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