Home from Indiana.  Had a great time with the girls.  Here’s a picture of Phyllisann and me before we went shopping in town.  Yes, it snowed.  Yes, we got lost (but just a little bit).  Yes, we had a wonderful weekend.  Right now, I’m going to unpack and take a soak in the spa.

6:00 – Okay, I’m all soaked up and relaxed.  We headed out Friday afternoon and arrived at Moonstraka about an hour after dark.  Pam gave us pretty good directions and we only had one little misstep.  We wound up taking the wrong road for a couple of miles.  One of those one lane gravel tracts with ditches on the sides of the road.  Phyllisann was finally understanding what I meant about the isolation out there when we crossed over a creek on a covered bridge.  No turning around.  No phone.  We lucked out, however, because the road looped back around to the main highway and we resumed our trip. 

I’m going to have to quit blogging because DH has missed me and won’t leave me alone enough to type.  Later, girls!


inkheartmeg says 22nd February @ 19:20

Welcome Home, great picture.

2dogs1lady says 22nd February @ 19:23

I am so glad you made it!! & made it back home as well Patty! Can’t wait to read more about the trip! *hugs*


tjnorth says 22nd February @ 19:43

Great pic – so good to hear you had fun. A well-deserved time away!

brseay says 22nd February @ 23:16

Wow, the scenery looks fantastic! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Joy says 23rd February @ 7:25

Whew! relief that you did not get lost in a way that should be put into a made for tv movie! LOL joking.
I am glad you had fun. Love the photos.

angela says 23rd February @ 18:31

Ohhh..looks like you had a fabulous time! Beautiful pic too!! The scenery reminds me so much of here!! lol

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