Fat Cat

I’m sitting here trying to slurp up my morning coffee and that damn cat keeps jumping in my lap. I can’t believe how fat he’s (she’s?) gotten! I tried to check the gender one time and it started peeing on me so I never followed through.

Another Monday to run down. At least this is a short week. Friday is a Professional Development day and I did all my “developing” over the summer so I’ll get to take off and have a long weekend.

Yesterday was a perfect day. Good, healthy food, just under 1,200 calories, and a great workout. I’m optimistic today, as well. I have my lunch ready to go, clothes are laid out, and I’ve promised myself that I’m coming home from work and exercising. Just one quick question…Does a royal blue bra go with an orange top and gold pants?

The scales are slowly creeping up. I show 167 this morning and I’d better get back into a good routine. Aiming for another perfect day in paradise!

4:00 – Home again. Doing well today. I’ve eaten well and I’m going to exercise. Really, it’s 85 degrees and I know the upstairs is hot. Still, I made a commitment and I’m going to follow through. I’m just not ready to do it quite yet. Think I’ll sit here and unwind for a few minutes.

5:30 – Okay, I did an hour of treadmill and intensive aerobics. I’m burning up so I’m going to cool off and then take a shower and get my jammies on. I still have a lot of calories left for dinner but I’ll have to come up with something besides what DH made. He’s off on Mondays and is responsible for dinner but I’m not eating deep fried bratwurst, macaroni salad and french fries. I don’t know why it has to be so difficult to get healthy food around here. I made my lunch yesterday from last night’s leftovers (yellow squash, onion, and zucchini sauteed in olive oil with asiago cheese, broiled fish, and grape tomatoes) and got up this morning to find that someone ate it. I wound up with frozen berries and a frozen South Beach breakfast tortilla that had been down in the freezer for at least a year.

6:30 – OMG! DH just pulled a big bowl of cole slaw out of the fridge that he mixed up earlier today and a casserole of macaroni and cheese from the oven. Really! What is wrong with the man?????

7:30 – Grilled some tilapia with lots of lemon pepper on it, had a sliced tomato and some fruit.  I don’t know why DH fixes that kind of crap.  He’s diabetic and I’m about to put some hurtin on him because I’m almost ready to point out that his belly is definitely expanding!


Joy says 29th September @ 7:28

Good job Patty keeping the food healthy and under 1,200 calories. You did a workout as well.
As for the BRA I would not know. I have been buying the industrial 1960’s bra’s for decades for my ladies. My choices are white, white, or white. LOL
Have a wonderful day

leighish says 29th September @ 11:53

if the royal blue doesn’t show through the orange top I don’t see why not!

patty says 29th September @ 15:40

You’re no fun, Leigh! If it doesn’t show, how will they see how pretty it is???

Joy says 29th September @ 18:23

Good job on the workout & in such heat! That vegtable mix with cheese sounds so yummy!
Have a wonderful night!

leighish says 29th September @ 18:35

I can see the students now “Miss Patty, where did you get your blue bra from huh huh huh?”

susan says 29th September @ 19:13

Nothin’ says lovin’ like lovin’ from the oven!

Problem is, I start looking like that lil’ dough boy when I do too much of THAT kind of lovin’.

He wouldn’t be trying to sabotage you would he? Hot mac & cheese… he’s the devil…

feathers says 30th September @ 5:17

Oh, Patty, you did make my giggle with the gender unspecified kitty peeing on you when you tried to figure out if it was a him or a her.

And what IS it about guys? Why do they look at you so blankly when you explain food to them and then they go and do bratwurst and mac and cheese pie and you tell them “I can’t eat that”?

And YES. A royal blue bra DOES go with an orange top and gold pants. I either work with matchy colours or contrasty colours, and blue and orange definitely contrast (I love them together).

Presently I have a large black cat purring loudly and trying to push my keyboard off the desk.

eryn76 says 30th September @ 6:55

I laughed outloud when you described what your husband pulled out of the oven. Men are crazy!! My husband’s idea of a meal: chicken nuggets or nachos or ramen noodles. Oh, and spaghetti. Besides grilling, that is about the extent of his cooking knowledge. And he would live on those if he could. Crazy.

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