Krazy Kat!

5:30 a.m. – Morning, Chickies!  The cat’s going nuts.  Running from one end of the house to the other like he’s deranged.  Looks like he’s having fun.  Maybe I should try it.  Running, I mean, not being deranged.

Nothing much going on this morning.  Gotta get ready and head to work.  Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife and I have monthly training sessions but we can’t both go to them because we have classes this year.  I told him he could go to this one and I’ll teach his classes all day.  Next month, he gets to babysit my kiddies so I can go.  Not a bad deal considering I don’t have to deal with him today!

After work, I’m meeting Pam at the gym to workout.  She can’t make water aerobics today so we’re just going to do some cardio.

Pretty routine day shaping up.  Might as well get to it.

6:10 – Well, helllloooo 168!  Pleasant way to start the day.

12:55 – I have 15 minutes for lunch before the kiddos come in.  I’m getting very annoyed with things at work today.  Because I’m in a resource position, I’m not supposed to be teaching classes.  I’m supposed to work full-time with teachers.  However, we all do what we’ve gotta do to make it work for the kids.  Because I’m not supposed to have kids, I don’t have a classroom.  I have a little cubby hole in a corner of the library.  Now that I have classes, I have to take them to the back of the library and try to teach them without a proper room.

Our librarian doesn’t feel that kids are utilizing the library like they should so she’s begun this “Oh, Boy!  Come to the Library!” campaign.  Kids are running down the aisles, laughing and cutting up, and it’s so noisy I can’t hear myself think!  It was so bad yesterday that I asked the AP to make an announcement at the next faculty meeting for teachers to discuss proper behavior with their students when they’re in the library.  The librarian surprised (shocked?) me when she called out, “Don’t you DARE do anything that would keep classes from coming to the library!  I don’t care how much noise they make.  As long as they’re coming I don’t want anything done that would make teachers feel uncomfortable with bringing their classes here.” 

Well, Hell!  Why don’t we just let em order pizza, turn on the stereo and dance in the stacks?  Honestly, I think she’s angry that Paul and I have to hold classes in the library and she’s trying to make a point by making sure the library is NOT conductive to learning.  Having said that…it doesn’t help me with the situation.

5:40 – What an awful day!  By the time it was over, I was ready to scream!  Things got worse and worse until I was ready to just give up by the last period and say, “Hey!  You guys don’t have to do anything.  Just run around, throw paperwads, and make all kinds of noise like the rest of the people in here!”  I couldn’t wait until 2:20 and then the principal comes on the intercom to remind us all that we have a faculty meeting in the library after school.  Crap!  Faculty meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month but I forgot that she scheduled one for this afternoon because next Tuesday is Open House and we’re all expected to be at the school from 5:30 to 8:00 after having already worked all day.  This is one of those days when retirement looks REAL good.  The faculty meeting ran from 2:30 to 4:00 and I just got home about an hour ago.  I emailed the principal and told her we would have to find another location for my classes because the library is “not an appropriate environment and not conductive to learning”. 

One of my students was admiring my new phone this morning before school started (“Oooohhh!  One of the new Blackberries!, Cool!”) and I told her I didn’t know how to do anything with it.  She asked what I wanted to do and I told her I’d like to take a picture.  She said, “Smile!” and a bunch of my kids ran up to get in the picture.  I’ll tell you what…she takes a better picture than any of the guys around here!  She showed me how to take pictures and e-mail them to my AOL account. Maybe I can be in her class next semester!  By the way…how come little Dominick is taller than me and I’m wearing Barbie shoes? 

Pam cancelled out on the workout this evening so I’m in for the night.  Maybe I should just have a glass of wine!

8:45 – Oops!  Who drank the whole bottle and how did I forget to eat dinner?  I’m going to sit in the spa and then hit the bed early.


Joy says 28th August @ 6:46

Good job to 168!! You are doing so well. I think you should still try and strive for your goal . I think that you can do this.
How has Pam been feeling? Will she have to have the gallbladder taken out? Ouch poor lady having to endure all of that pain for so long.
What a blessing that Pitiful-Arrogant-Upchuck-Lowlife will be gone for the day. Enjoy your day, you skinny minne!


Joy says 28th August @ 6:47

oops SKINNY MINNIE not minne sorry

leighish says 28th August @ 9:33

Cats do that. My cats do it together.
*whips out pompoms*

Joy says 28th August @ 13:45

What the heck???? What kind of librarian is this???? Does she not know that this is a school and that the library is a wonderful TOOL for the kids and teachers? It is not the trunk , nor the roots of a school but a branch. You need to teach a class there and as such need quiet. When did library rules change from SHHHHH to PARTY TIME!! I understand her wanting students there bust sheesh! LOL sorry I am in such a mood today. LOL I hope the rest of your day goes better.

Joy says 28th August @ 18:16

Have that glass of wine your deserve a little treat after the day you have had! Relax and enjoy your night.

leighish says 28th August @ 20:54

tsk tsk patty! on a school night, even!

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