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Squat Challenge April 17, 2013

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Firstly I would like to send my condolences to everyone in Boston. Everyone who was affected by the terrible acts of people who have no soul. My prayers are with you.

I was snooping around on the Forum and saw a 30 Day Squat Challenge (thank you BootylisiousB)
It got me thinking that surely these little squates cannot be stronger than me….sooooo I accepted!!!

Today was the first day that I did them- 50 squates. It went well and I can feel them working. My knees didnt give me any problems which I am happy about.
I also involved the girls at work, and added a little motivator ( money) at the end to keep us going. The one girl was very cocky in saying that this is nothing and she jogs every day….she then took the longest to do her 50 and was the one complaining the most after.

Im excited about this challenge…day 30 is 250 squates (ok that might scare me!)

I was bad yesterday (tuesday) I didnt work out after work and I also didnt eat right as my friend said we should go out for dinner…damn delicious pork ribs and onion rings!

And today I cannot stop thinking about food!!!!  Im at my PC and thinking…hmmmmmm what is in the fridge…hmm is it not time for lunch yet…hmmmm what can i stuff in my mouth….. its driving me insane… I am trying to fill those hmmmms with water and green tea….my body has taken over my mind!!!!

I only have to get through 2 more hours without eating anymore…only 2!
How hard can it possibly be??? I need to focus on my work and forget that food exists for the next 2 hours!

Have a good one ladies!


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