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I’m trying to get myself motivated again. It means so much to me to lose weight. I understand that my body IS indeed a temple!  And if I keep feeding it this crap I’m eating, then I’m no different than the  priests who would use temples for reasons other than worship. I just have to get my butt together!

I read this article and watched this video earlier. I love seeing people not only taking the intiative to get their OWN bodies in shape, but to help others do the same at the same time.

I pictured myself on a stage outside in huge grassy field, in front of hundreds of obese and overweight individuals; all in sweats and tanks, head bands, weights at our sides and me yelling, “Come on, get those arms in the air, lift up those legs, we can do this!” Like some mass aerobic class. Me feeling great, and encouraging others to do the same. Well, no way that scenario would ever play out! haha

So, instead of running to equipment rentals for stage blocks, I ran to the grocers and bought a small amount of fruit to eat each day with my children. I don’t have a juicer…those things are expensive! So if any of you are rich, put me on your Christmas list! hahaha I’m not quite sure this is enough fruit, but at the rate we eat fruit I think this is a good starter bunch.

When I go out food shopping next weekend I think I’m going to try and strictly only buy from produce. I’ll get other drinks and a couple meats we need, but I’m going to make a menu made of of meals created from strictly fruits and vegetables. And I’m going to create a fun way of doing it so I don’t get discouraged.

Part of my loss of motivation this time was not only from getting sick again……but our wireless printer lost its connection and I couldn’t print out my nice little daily menus and goals that I would do every morning! Isn’t that crazy! I NEED my organization! hahaha Well, printer is fixed, I’m not sick anymore, and look, here I am really trying my darndest to get back with the program!

So to all us slightly unorganized, perhaps a little mental, obese, longing for something ‘less’ women…..apples up!


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How long has it been since I posted? It’s happened AGAIN! And I’m STILL struggling with it! I think I might have already mentioned that once I hit the first “20 lbs LOST” mark, I go kaplooey! And I DON’T KNOW WHY! I’ve gained 5 lbs of it back and am struggling with losing it and moving further down the scale. I can’t find any more motivation to get on my gazelle even once a day and I’m constantly HUNGRY!!!!! Sweets, sweets, sweets! That’s all I want!

I’ve had a couple more bouts of anxiety attacks. My doctor had me do some bloodwork and he called to let me know everything was clean. So now I’m focusing on my frame of mind. “The Attraction Law” Definitely a mental game. Watch ‘The Secret’ if you’re curious about it. I totally agree there’s something to it.

I need help! I really do! I can’t lose weight on my own, we don’t have money for gym memberships and I don’t have the time or babysitter for WW meetings! I’ve tried WW online, but I lose my motivation when I try it alone. I need someone, a person who is NOT emotionally attached to me, who doesn’t give two shits about my FEELINGS, and who believes their only purpose in MY life is to push me as hard as they can and MAKE me work my hardest til I’m in the best of shape a mother of 3 can be! Sounds like a personal trainer….which I can’t afford either! HELP! HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!! I don’t want die in my 30’s because I’m depressed and overweight! I want to be able to RUN with my children and play tag; not sit on the sidelines because I can’t stand feeling the hundreds of pounds of fat bouncing all around my midsection when I run. I want to send the kids off to Grandma’s over Valentine’s weekend and actually SEDUCE my husband with some sexy skimpy number from Victoria Secrets that actually FITS me and LOOKS GREAT!

What is it about the 1st twenty pounds that spooks me?! What am I afraid of?! Why can’t I find the willpower?! Why can’t I discipline myself past this point?! WHY?!

HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!!!!!!!!!!! HELP! HELP! HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 16th, 2011

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Yesterday I was just too darned ashamed to blog! haha We went to Olive Garden for lunch….enough said!

Today I put myself back on track and I think I made up for yesterday big flop! I tried my first recipe from Hungry Girl. One of the breakfast stacks on an english muffin. I wasn’t able to find the fruity salsa it mentioned and I think that’s why it tasted like it was lacking something. Even with the dijonnaise it just didn’t taste right. I didn’t toast the english muffin either…the directions didn’t say to! And if it doesn’t say to, then I’m not gonna! haha But yeah, that first one kind of sucked. However it did provide everything I needed and the calorie intake was satisfyingly low!

For lunch I was a little nervous I flopped just as bad as I did yesterday. Turned out not so bad. We had a BOGO for Burger King’s Original Chicken Sandwich and we took advantage of it. I put it in FitDay and it came out to a little over 500 calories. Not as bad as I thought! Yay!

For dinner I just threw together my own version of Brushetta and it came out pretty good, considering we used leftover toppings from Olive Garden! haha Actually, I did NOT have any of the toppings…because it’s pretty much all tomatoes and I HATE tomatoes! Yuck! So, whole wheat bread, 1/2 serving chicken, and swiss cheese brought to just under my calorie goal.

Got my one hour of exercise in. I always do it in two 30 minute sessions because I know there’s no way I can do a full straight hour around my kids! haha Usually 5 minutes in and I have to hop off for a few seconds to help with something. Still, the work outs turn out good. According to FitDay I burn up to 650 calories on my gazelle if I maintain a certain speed. Cool!

April 14th, 2011 Hungry, Hungry Hippo!

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I felt a little less motivated today and a lot more hungry! I’m happy to report that I stuck to my calorie budget and maintained my exercise routine.

For breakfast I had 1/2 a grapefruit, a cup of coffee and fat free creamer. Lunch consisted of my homemade vegetable soup and a salad (veggies, veggies and more veggies!). A couple hours after lunch the hunger kicked in! I caved and made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was like I had completely forgotton in that half hour of fighting the hunger that water even existed. Of course right after I finished eating the sandwich my first thought was, “I could have just drank some water!”

There are some upsides there though. The bread was 100% whole wheat, the peanut butter was crunchy reduced fat, and the jelly was reduced sugar. It enabled me to stay in my calorie budget, satisfied my hunger, and simply tasted good!

For dinner I ate another bowl of my vegetable soup. I’m not sure I even have the serving size right on my soup. I just estimate a cup. It’s 196 calories per serving according to Nutrition Data. One serving is 401 g. But how much is that converted to cups? The weight of the broth and the weight of each vegetable is different. I’m sure Nutrition Data doesn’t account for the fact that I’m boiling everything and letting it sit in water/broth. So I haven’t a clue what the real serving size is.

My fingers are still swollen! What gives! All this water and my fingers are still swollen! I keep waiting for the retention to go away and hear my rings jingling, but no! Any expert advice and water and water retention?

My husband opened his own Fit Day Journal this morning. It felt good to see I was having a positive influence! However, I think he might to ‘masculine’ for blogging or 3FC! heehee He only needs to lose about 30 lbs and I doubt it will take him long. Makes me a bit jealous! haha

(No picture today, uploader isn’t working correctly. Hope they fix it soon!)

April 13th, 2011 Cravings!

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It’s great to be able to go shopping with a plan, a list, and motivation. My fridge and cupboards are full of vegetables, whole grains, high fibers, reduced fats, and no salty or sweet foods anywhere! Well, except those frozen Edy’s fruit pops in the freezer. But at 50 calories each and low carbs I hardly count that a threat.

All the same….I’ve been feeling hungry all day! I want something SWEET! And the thing is, some dieters will say, “Don’t restrict yourself, you’ll end up binging.” Others say, “Chew gum, the craving will pass.” Well, I don’t have any gum, and if I don’t restrict myself my binging will last for another 2 or 3 years! Don’t think so…

So, until the next shopping trip to the grocers I simply have to gather some recipes for healthy desserts that won’t dent the decent pattern I have myself in now. I am a bit disappointed that my new ‘Hungry Girl’ recipe book doesn’t have a snack section. THAT would have been great! I think it has an appetizer section and I might use that as my filler.

Cravings suck. But that’s the temptation to overcome.

April 12th, 2011 Two-Goals Tuesday

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Today I had two goals I wanted to meet. My mini-weight goal; and passing the driving test.

The mini-weight goal was easy. I met that goal 4 days ago, just had to maintain it. Done! I actually lost two more lbs on top of that but with flucuation I’m not sure I should count it until NEXT weigh-in day. Nonetheless, I was happy to see the numbers steadily going DOWN! Yay!

The driving test…much easier than I thought; not to mention shorter! Five minutes and I was done! At least I think it was 5 minutes. Might have been three. haha I have my license back, I’m happy!

Over the weekend I purchased the “Hungry Girl 300 Under 300” Recipe book. Three hundred recipes for meals under 300 calories. Sounds like a winner when you’re trying to stick to 1200 calories a day. I’m going to skim through it this week and gather some recipes to try out next week. Of course my first thought when I opened it today was, “What, no desserts!” haha

I’m still having trouble cutting carbs. I’ve noticed on the graph on FitDay that my carbs are always the highest, followed by fats, then proteins. I’m not sure what the graph should look like to know I’m getting enough of everything. Where should the protein be? The fats? How low should I be getting my carbs? I’ll have to search the 3FC Forums or just open a thread about it to get some answers.

April 11th, 2011 Feel Good Monday

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Well, first things first….our daughter is just fine! Our son has already forgotten about the incident too! Thank goodness they are both okay!

Today I have felt physically better than I have since the last anxiety attack. I was happy to get back on the gazelle and work out! Two times, 30 minutes each. Once I reach my first plateau I’ll up it to probably 45 minutes each.

I ate pretty well today. Grapefruit for breakfast, fat free grilled cheese on whole wheat for lunch, and my own vegetable soup for dinner. I put the recipe for my soup on NutritionData. I’m not sure if I got the Servings count right. I estimated about 15 since I make a huge pot that lasts all week for the 4 of us who eat it. I’m going to keep track and edit it when it’s gone. So far, each serving is 196 calories, and loaded with goodness! 🙂 Yay!

I weigh in tomorrow. I’ve been lingering at 277 for 4 days…as intended. I was 280 last Tuesday. So I didn’t want to lose much more than 3 lbs in one week. I’ll be happy with any 277 or under!

Where is this swelling coming from?! I’ve been drinking plenty of water. A little over 8 8 oz glasses each day and my fingers are swelling! I can’t figure it out! I was expecting to see them shrink a little but they are swollen and I’m having a hard time pulling my rings off. What gives?! I’m definitely going to keep my eye on that.

Tomorrow is my driving test. I’m nervous. Hopefully I pass this test! It will make our lives so much easier if I have my license back!

Here’s to the end of a successful diet week!


April 10th, 2011 Cart Catastrophe

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As far as dieting goes, I took things pretty easy. Drank my eight + glasses of water today, counted my calories…until dinner time at least. We went out to eat with my in-laws and I ordered a Honey Mustard Chicken Crunch Salad. I was NOT expecting the plate to be so HUGE! I totally gave in! I think that was the biggest meal I’ve eaten all week! I’m just thankful it was a salad! And I was good and only got a water to drink. So even though the portion wasn’t quite what I expected, I felt my decision was fair and I did my body right.

Tomorrow it’s back to the fitness routine. Tuesday is my weigh in day. I’m trying to hold myself at the 277 mark I reached the other day. I don’t want to lose much more as it’s become common knowledge that anything over 2 lbs in one week is unhealthy. Well, last Tuesday I was 280. By Friday morning I was 277. Hhmmm. So I’m making it a point not to get too carried away. I was once very active. Once I start exercising I just want to keep going. But I have to remember by body is nowhere near what it used to be and I have to take a different, slower approach this time. 

My mother gave me a beginner’s yoga kit for my birthday. I was surprised that I actually got a workout. I am definitely a “FEEL THE BURN!” king of girl when it comes to exercise. The yoga was not as ‘boring’ as I thought it was going to be. haha Thanks Mom!

We went food shopping today. I was proud of myself. We started in the produce aisle instead of the dairy aisle on the other end of the store. This week we’ll be eating vegetable soup. I’ve made it before and it’s pretty good. I’m not sure I can get FitDay to break down that big a batch of soup for me so I know exactly what each serving equals nutrition wise. I’ll google some calculators and see what I can find.

The shopping went well, Very healthy! My husband and I both walked out of their completely distraught though!

We have three children. Two boys, 4 and 7, and our little girl who will be 9 months on Tuesday. We always take two carts when we shop. My husband pushes the baby in one of those short carts for people who aren’t buying much, and I push the regular cart. The baby remains strapped in her carseat, keep in mind.

Well, when we were checking out my husband helped bag while I paid for the groceries. Our four year old, who typically does NOT EVER do such a thing, for whatever reason decided to climb on the small cart our daughter was laying in with her car seat. I am SO thankful she was strapped in! (Sometimes we take her out while we shop, especially if she’s fussy.) The cart fell on top of our four year old and the baby fell out of the cart onto the floor! The next few seconds are just a blur! My husband moved so fast. Threw the cart off our son, grabbed the baby up in the car seat, unstrapped her quickly and started checking her. She was screaming. Oh God I thought something horrible had happened to her! I checked our son and he was just fine. The poor thing was cry so hard, telling us how sorry he was. The baby had calmed down quickly. We checked her for bumps, blood, bruising, responses to any pain….none. We brought her  home and stripped her down, checked for anything we might have missed….nothing. She started crawling, laughing, rolling, smiling, playing, cooing just the same as she always does. My husband and I were both crying…and laughing. THANK YOU GOD FOR WATCHING OVER OUR DAUGHTER! Now she is sound asleep in her crib. We’re still checking her, and we’re calling the doctor 1st thing in the morning. Though she seems just fine, we still want to be sure. We don’t take chances with our kids.

I’m so happy they are both okay. Our son doesn’t have single mark on him. We didn’t get upset at him or anything. He felt so bad! We cuddled him for awhile before bedtime and made sure he knew it was just an accident, but also he’s NOT to climb on carts….especially a cart that has a baby in it!


April 9th, 2011 Relaxed

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Finally I felt I had my energy back today! My anxiety attack…I think had something to do with my tight glasses. Figures. Wore my contacts today and felt great. Not so worrisome. Yay!

I’ve made a mental note that I’ve lost 3 lbs in two days. After reading articles of death from dieting I made it a point NOT to exercise today. I DID stick to my calorie counts. Still went over by a couple hundred but I think that will be just fine.

Tomorrow I plan no exercise either. The fitness routine will most likely be a M-F routine.

I have my ‘Mini Goals’ posted on my refridgerator. An entire years worth. I plan to keep track of the date I want to meet each goal, and the date I actually reach each goal. So far…I’m ahead of schedule! haha

April 8th, 2011 Hunger

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(Evening blog)

I was expecting this! I cut my calories and have tried spreading them out through out the day so I don’t get any bouts of hunger.

After yesterdays anxiety attack I woke up at 3AM this morning! I ended up eating my breakfast around 5:30. So I had an early day. Now I’m feeling HUNGRY! I’m drinking water to try and help but all I want to do is raid the kitchen for ANYTHING! This is NOT me!

I don’t want to make any exceptions for eating anything I don’t need. If I do, then I’ll end up doing it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. Can’t do it!

Tonight I just might get all of tomorrows major house cleaning done! haha


And NO, that is NOT me! My feet hurt just looking at those shoes! haha


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