pretty hectic right now, holding steady

Things are pretty hectic with finals and finances and job seeking - so I am holding steady with the changes I have made so far.  Did go out for a treat last night - the power went out for a couple hours around dusk so we went to Ted Drewes frozen custard place to get out of the house and I had a “cardinal sin” which is tart cherry and dark chocolate as well as 2 pieces of dark chocolate separately.  I am not gonna worry about it, will just keep it reasonably light today without going overboard.

Here are the changes I have made so far:

No gluten
cut back on other grains,starches, sugar, oil, cheese (could still improve)
IF schedule of 2 meals a day with an average 18 hour daily fast
increased green veg significantly, ginger tea, peppermint tea
still taking anti fungal (diflucan) to help change gut population, still taking l glutamine to help heal intestine from more than a decade of diarrhea
taking first probiotic - acidophilus

next week  (starting Wednesday)
start IF chair exercises
start fenugreek and flax seed meal supplementation
start vitamin supplementation with meals (general, plus calcium +D)
start 2nd probiotic

major changes - not a ton in clothing sizes yet, but more give. Stomach fat seems to be changing shape.  Tummy problems show a HUGE improvement - hardly any GERD, stomach pain, constipation and diarrhea - all have pretty much disappeared!  Fecal and urinary incontinence almost completely gone as well.  Yeah, just a month ago I was really worried I might have done serious, life threatening permanent damage to my intestines.  In general, i have more energy, but I also have a lot more anxiety - which could be related to the l glutamine or the stuff going in IRL, or both.  Extremities tingling has decreased. Sinus infection and mucus producing cough almost gone!  Still some headaches - especially as related to excessive doses of sugar.  Still struggling with dry, cracking skin and especially with scalp problem - very frustrating.

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