Post-Holiday Post – May 28, 2013

I didn’t track a thing I ate the entire long holiday weekend.  I ate out four times, and that’s just restaurant meals.  Bf and I also went to a cookout Sunday.  So no surprise my scale at home was up this morning.  And it will be no surprise to have a gain at my ww weigh-in today either.  And it will be well-deserved.  I didn’t go crazy with portions, but the types of food I ate were definitely not the norm. 

I did go to one exercise class, and took 3 dogwalks.  I also did some gardening, so my physical activity was alright. 

This fitness class passport session ends this coming Sunday and I have 7 classes left.  Not gonna happen.  C’est la vie. I will probably make it to 3 or 4. 

And what’s up for the next session?  I always like to think I should plan on doing fewer classes at this time of year because I’ll go bicycling on the weekend, but that’s honestly been a rarity in the past.  Just wishful thinking.  Aside from that thought is this:  My old Jazzercise location is offering 3 months for $79, no joining fee.  Even if I just went once a week, it’s a good deal.    I know some of you will think this is nothing, but the two locations are each about 7-8 miles away from home.  I’ve been spoiled by past locations only being a couple miles away from home.  But…I know I will enjoy this, so the extra driving time will be worth it.   I’m gonna do it.  Of course now I can’t find the e-mail that was sent to me, grrr.  I’ll have to check the other e-mail server it could be sitting on.   Update:  It wasn’t in e-mail, the offer t was a post on the J. instructor’s facebook page.  Duh.  Glad I figured it out.  It had me worried for a bit about my e-mail.  Had some e-mail issues with my new cell phone early on and I thought a new problem had cropped up.  Thankfully not!



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