Marmelade und Himbeereis

^The post title is a song by Grauzone (Swiss wave/Neue Deutsche Welle/new wave band).  It’s a fairly relaxing tune with a raucous ending and makes me think about summer. 

The weather is warming up and my motivation and self-control is back to “losing” mode.  There is junk food, but there is no compulsion to eat it all right now.  I can eat up to 1800 calories a day without gaining, but I don’t feel the need to.  I could slack on exercise, but I don’t want to.  As a result, my weight is back down to my pre-Christmas range for the first time in weeks.  This morning I was about 126.3 pounds, or 57.3 kilograms.  My lowest ever was 56.1 or 123.5 pounds, for one day only before bouncing back up. 

Of course I could always eat an entire pan of brownies or a huge pie or a whole baguette in one sitting.  I’ll always feel that way.  But right now carb binge urges are dormant and entirely manageable, barely there.

Work has been slow and I have been burning through my herbal tea supplies at a rather alarming pace.  Heading to the mall tonight.  I want to buy myself something luxe, pretty, sweet-smelling and otherwise unnecessary.  One hard part about growing up is allowing yourself to choose your purchases based on quality and how much you like them versus simply going for the cheapest deal. 

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  1. Congrats on regaining your ready to lose mentality and getting back into your pre-Christmas range. I’m still fighting to find mine again :(. It’s such a mental game!

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