My computer crashed! This has happened to me twice before in my lifetime (lost everything) and I still haven’t learned to back up everything.

None of it was really essential (I have learned to back that stuff up), but there were a lot of things on there that not having isn’t a tragedy, just an inconvenience.

The computer is old enough that buying a new one probably is more affordable than fixing the old one (if it can be fixed – the first computer I had that this happened to, I ended up paying half what a new computer would have costed just to hear “there’s nothing we can do.”)

My husband’s friend loaned me the computer I’m writing on at the moment. I’m very grateful, but it’s pretty wonky and unpredictable, “broken” really (which is why he was able to loan it to me), but at least I can do the essentials.

It’s funny though that what I’m “limited” to doing, is far more than my first computer was even able to do.

My weight loss has alot in common, but in the reverse way. I am celebrating successes that are so small, that several years ago I would have seen as failures. If I lost a quarter pound, I’m excited, when in my 20’s a quarter pound loss would have had me depressed and ready to quit. It’s funny what a change in perspective can do for you.

2 Responses to “Disaster!”

  1. Eileen2bLean Says:

    My computer crashed too! Last week. I finally just went out and bought a new one. I had a chance to back my stuff up before it totally crashed – except for my email. Ack! I lost my email!!

  2. kaplods Says:

    We’re pricing new ones too. Considering I could pay $300 and get a system better than the one I’ve got, paying $70 to have a diagnostic run (possibly to learn there’s no hope) seems a waste. There’s really not much that was truly irreplaceable, even the family photos that my sister sent me in emails, I know she backs up, so I could have her resend. Some of the documents I created in Spreadsheets, even if I didn’t want to full re-create I have hard copies and could scan them in.

    Pain in the butt, more that true tragedy. Need to remind myself sometimes.

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