Have been a looooot better about calories today. Pretty sure I still went over (kind of had to keep food in me to fend off the hangover from a binge induced binge of alcohol with the roommate, they don’t call it “fat Tuesday” for nothing, right?) but I did alright. I kept it under 2000c, I’m sure, and I did burn at least 500 calories at the gym today. Some elliptical, and some weight circuits. Not bad all in all, though feeling bloated and icky from yesterday still. Awesome.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be diligent!!

I’m also going to do my homework, and figure out how to get this working on my WordPress app on my android… maybe.

On the bright side, only ate chocolate today on an accident. I’m sure God understands and that my lent isn’t a complete bust, seeing as it just started today. 🙂

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