Yesterday was a decent day food wise. Didn’t cheat and surprisingly didn’t even feel the urge. It is surprising as I have been going through a personal crisis. My marriage is going through a really bad patch, and I have been living with my parents for the last month or so. Typically in the past I would have binged like crazy at such a time. This time, I have managed to hold strong.

The day before yesterday I met up with an old friend and the floodgates opened. No, not tears, but all my pent up emotions. And I ended up drinking 4 glasses of wine (double of what is permitted in SBD) but I didn’t eat much so I hope that balanced out.

My ice-cream cravings, which were a physical addiction in the past, are practically gone. I had a small bowl last Sunday but have not felt tempted to have any more since then. Though I do feel like having some chocolate. But I’m not too sure if I should buy any. Last weekend I went through three 100g bars of chocolates. I just can’t control myself. Maybe I can buy a smaller pack. Let’s see. I’d rather buy a pack of the sugar-free chocolates and keep it with me than later binge on fattening chocolate available in regular stores (sugar-free/diet chocolates are not easily available where I live)

Have a good week-end everyone!

Today’s reason:

Reason no 5.: So I can give in guilt-free to my chocolate urges once in a while